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  • Global Agricultural Fumigants Market - Market Size, Growth, Trends, Competitive analysis, End-user a  
    The Global Agricultural Fumigants Market is driven by several growth factors such as growing agricultural production, increasing concerns over Post-Harvest Loss, high product efficiency, and changing farming practices and better storage technology. The Market is segmented By Form (Gas, Liquid and Solid), By Crop Application (Turf & Ornamental, Fruits & Vegetables, Cereals & Grains and Oilseeds & Pulses), By Function (Fungicide, Nematicide, Herbicide and Insecticide), By Type (1,3-Dichloropropene, Chloropicrin, Methyl Bromide, Phosphine, Metam Sodium, and Other Agricultural Fumigants), By Application (Soil and Warehouse) Ė 2018-2025
    (Filed: Sat Feb 24 2018)

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