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  • Factor XIII Deficiency Treatment Market Forecast, Revenue, Growth, Size, Trend Analysis & Competitio


    Factor XIII deficiency is a rare genetic blood disorder that is characterised by the deficiency of clotting factor XIII. Clotting factors are proteins that play an important role in blood clotting. Patients suffering from factor XIII deficiency are able to form clots, however, these clots are highly unstable and dissolve easily, which results in prolonged uncontrolled bleeding. The severity and symptoms of the factor XIII deficiency varies from person to person thus the factor XIII deficiency treatmentdiffers with respective to the severity. In most patients with factor XIII deficiency (80%), bleeding symptoms appear after birth, which include bleeding from the umbilical stump. Other patients are likely to have only a mild expression of the factor XIII deficiency that can become more apparent in the later stages of life when they encounter a traumatic injury or surgery.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 16 2019)
  • Cell Proliferation Assay Market: Expansion Strategies Set to Generate Substantial Revenue in the for


    Cell proliferation is the process of cell replication to increase the number of cells. Cell proliferation plays a vital role in cellular and tissue homeostasis for proper development, growth and maintenance of human beings. In case of few disease conditions, the cell proliferation rate is either increased or decreased. Hence, cell proliferation assays have become an integral part of the clinical diagnosis of various disease indications. Cell proliferation assays are used for investigational studies of cell activation, assessing cytotoxicity & clinically, as well as to test the effect of pharmacological interventions & growth factors on human cells. Thus, cell proliferation assays are used to measure cell count, the percentage change in cell proportion and division rate of the cell.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 16 2019)
  • Isogenic Cell Lines Market: Regional Growth Size Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during 20


    Isogenic cell lines are selectively reengineered human cells that are used as genetic models for a specific patient population. Isogenic cell lines genetically match normal human cell and are used in clinical research and development of novel therapeutic drugs. With genetic foundation, isogenic cell lines can model any disease. Most commonly, it is used for cancer research and for understanding the impact of genotype on cellular phenotype. Isogenic cell lines are developed from parenteral cells through targeted genetic mutation. By doing so, the genetic nature of parenteral cell lines is retained in isogenic cell lines.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 16 2019)
  • Prefilled Syringe Contract Manufacturing Market: Increased Demand Expected to Soar Revenue during Fo


    Prefilled syringes is an important innovations by pharmaceutical industries to provide new vision for syringe medication which provide a new growth opportunities. Prefilled syringes are prospects for patients who are under treatment and need drug administration via syringes. Medications administered through syringes have to follow certain guidelines, which are in place to protect patients from injuries or injections and also

    (Filed: Mon Sep 16 2019)
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