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  • Programmable Stage Lighting Market -LED Lights to Report Maximum Demand

    According to a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global programmable stage lighting market is demonstrating a competitive vendor landscape, thanks to the presence of a large pool of participants. The degree of competition within this market is expected to increase substantially in the years to come, owing to the continual launches of innovative products.

    (Filed: Tue Oct 16 2018)
  • Robot Teach Pendant Market: Emergence of the Industrial IoT are the Major Growth Drivers

    The global robot teach pendant market is prognosticated to consist a vast count of worldwide and established companies, which could denote an intensive nature of competition in the industry. There could be various factors involved based on which international players are expected to compete with each other, viz. services offered, customization according to industrial robot applications, and product features.

    (Filed: Tue Oct 16 2018)
  • Wafer Cleaning Equipment Market: In-Depth Qualitative Insights and Historical Data

    Wafer cleaning is the removal of particles or impurities from the semiconductor surface without altering the quality of the surface. The performance of the device and its reliability are affected considerably due to the presence of contaminants and particulate impurities on the wafers of device surface.

    (Filed: Tue Oct 16 2018)
  • Wireless Printers Market: Increasing Demand for Laptops and PCs in Offices

    Wireless printers refers to those printers that the customers can connect to their devices such as smartphone, and tablets with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mediums such as AirPrint and Cloud. The global wireless printers market is expected to witness a steady growth during the forecast period due to its increasing adoption by the consumers as it helps them to operate multiple devices as a single unit.

    (Filed: Tue Oct 16 2018)
  • Household Induction Cook-tops Market: Progressing at a Steady and Positive CAGR

    The household induction cook-tops market refers to the global market for cook-tops, also known as hobs, which operate on the concept of induction heating/cooking. These are considered as one of the advanced technological innovations in the field of cooking. This type of cooking not only has energy efficiency benefits, but also provides health and safety benefits to users.

    (Filed: Mon Oct 15 2018)
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