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  • HVAC Equipment Market worth $120.6 billion by 2022

    The future of the global heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market looks good with opportunities in the residential and commercial construction industries. The global HVAC equipment market is expected to reach an estimated $120.6 billion by 2022

    (Filed: Tue Feb 26 2019)
  • Marine Scrubber Systems Market: Soaring Prices of Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Augments Adoption

    This elaborate research report on global marine scrubber systems market assesses the market at both historical and current perspectives pertaining regional and global levels to derive precise forecast figures. The report unfurls with an exhaustive executive summary followed by market overview section encompassing market definition and dynamics such as drivers, restraints, threats, and challenges that direct growth in marine scrubber systems market.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 26 2019)
  • Solar Cable Market Estimated to Reach a US$ 1,641.92 Million Value by 2025

    The threat posed by global warming has been gaining recognition across the world in the recent past and the emission of greenhouse gases has been detected as the primary culprit. Collectively, a number of developed and developing economies have pledged to harness the prospects of renewable energy and, among hydro, wind, and solar alternatives, solar energy is emerging as the most lucrative segment of the renewable energy industry.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 26 2019)
  • Water Purifier Market Projected to Touch US$110.02 bn by 2025

    Market to expand at a CAGR of 8.4% over the period from 2016 to 2025. The market was valued at US$ 53.36 bn in 2016, and is expected to reach a valuation of US$110.02 bn by 2025. These are robust figures that are indicative of the bright future prospects of the market.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 26 2019)
  • Wireless Access Control Market Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 7.9 % during Forecast Period 2017- 202

    Wireless access control is now widely been deployed with wired access controls in many commercial facilities and institutions. The main function of wireless access control is to provide authentication and authorization for the valid users. Wireless access controls uses radio frequency technology to communicate in real time and allows the end users to access to their facilities.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 26 2019)
  • High Resolution Dispensing Systems and Equipment Market Scenario Focusing on Improvements Shaping In

    Growing popularity in end-user industries coupled with healthy economic growth of emerging economies are offering potential growth opportunities to the global high resolution dispensing systems and equipment market. High-resolution dispensing systems and equipment are expected to gain popularity across several end user applications such as medical and solar and this is set to boost the market growth in the coming years.

    (Filed: Mon Feb 25 2019)
  • Industrial Hose Assemblies Market Estimated to Reach a US$ 37,556.7 Million Value by 2028

    Industrial hoses are used for the purpose of conveying various fluids (gas, water, chemicals) and even solid material from their source to various machines and several other applications. Industrial hose assembly are nothing but combination of industrial hoses and relevant fittings. These industrial hose assemblies are commonly utilized in food & beverage industry, Construction & Mining, chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Oil & gas, Automotive, Agriculture, General Manufacturing and Other Industries.

    (Filed: Sun Feb 24 2019)
  • Version Control Systems Market Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 11.5 % during Forecast Period 2017- 20

    Technological advancements have led to a transition towards automation and digitalisation to reduce associated human tasks and errors. Apart from this, the ease of operation and user friendliness has also created high demand in the global market for automated software management and tracking tools, which is expected to drive revenue growth of the version control systems market across the globe.

    (Filed: Fri Feb 22 2019)
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