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  • Drop in demand for new-builds

    The number of new-build properties started in the last three months has seen a 24% drop, according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The annual figures for new-builds showed a total of 156,400 in 2007-08, down 10% compared with the previous year and almost 18% lower than their peak in 2005-06.

    (Filed: Tue May 20 2008)
  • Housing market sees prices and demand dropping

    The UK housing market is experiencing its worst slump in 30 years, according to figures released by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The April survey showed that 95.1% more chartered surveyors reported a fall than a rise in house prices, the ninth successive month in which such falls have been reported, and up from 79.4% in March.

    (Filed: Wed May 14 2008)
  • Celebrity Green Homes For Sale

    GreenMoves, (www.GreenMoves.com), the Eco Homes For Sale website, has among its new Properties of the Week two homes with celebrity connections.

    (Filed: Tue May 13 2008)
  • Mortgages are harder than ever to come by

    In March the number of new mortgages approved for house purchases fell to their lowest level since January 1999, when current records began, according to the Bank of England.

    (Filed: Sun May 11 2008)
  • First-time buyers taking risky route

    The withdrawal by lenders of the 100% mortgage, as well as the lack of cheap mortgages which were so readily available last year, means that first-time buyers need to raise a large deposit for their house purchase by other means in order to get onto the property ladder.

    (Filed: Fri May 02 2008)
  • No cheer in sight for housing market

    HBOS, Britain’s largest mortgage lender, has revised its earlier forecast of a low single-digit drop in UK house prices to a drop of around 5% in 2008. The pessimistic outlook by HBOS was further confirmed by the latest house price index (HPI) from Halifax, which fell by 2.5% in March, the steepest rate of decline since the property slump of the early 1990s.

    (Filed: Fri May 02 2008)
  • House prices continue to plunge

    House prices have fallen for the fifth consecutive month, according to the latest figures from Nationwide, adding to fears that the UK housing market could potentially be facing its worst crash in history.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 25 2008)
  • Lenders letting go of buy-to-let mortgages

    In yet another sign of the credit crunch fallout, the buy-to-let property market has been severely hit by the drying-up of lending to landlords.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 25 2008)
  • Arrangement fee woe for many


    Mortgage borrowers are getting into financial difficulties because they are being advised to add an arrangement fee onto their deals.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 24 2008)
  • Bank may take big risk says National Homebuyers


    Things have become so desperate in the housing market that the Bank of England is considering launching drastic new measures in an attempt to revive it – although further failure could lead to a surge in fast property sales.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 24 2008)
  • National Homebuyers: 'Bank plan criticised'


    The Bank of England has launched a new scheme with the aim of easing the credit crisis, but website Fool has warned that the move will merely delay the onset of financial difficulties for many.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 24 2008)
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