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  • Portaloo rises to the challenge to provide temporary toilet facilities at busy train stations withou

    When Portaloo were asked by SIS Facilities to install temporary toilet facilities at some of the UK’s busiest train stations there were a number of challenges. Not only were the stations in the middle of a rolling refurbishment programme, but the high-volume of usage required a full-range of top-quality products and installation services, all meeting the latest DDA legislation.

    (Filed: Tue Jul 22 2008)
  • Rescue bid for ailing housing market

    In a move to shore up the UK’s declining housing market, the government has announced a package of measures that include a ‘rent first, buy later’ scheme and plans to develop surplus land for new housing.

    (Filed: Tue Jul 22 2008)
  • UK banks curtail lending as recession looms

    As the financial crisis worsens and the UK edges closer to a recession, UK banks have said they will be curtailing their lending to consumers and companies even further in the coming quarter.

    (Filed: Mon Jul 14 2008)
  • Rental returns for houses show slight falls

    According to the latest quarterly survey by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), rental returns for houses and flats have seen marginal falls.

    (Filed: Thu Jul 03 2008)
  • ZigZaging your way to a Commission-less Property

    Simplyzigzag Limited, the new online property group announces the launch of its website today, Simplyzigzag.com (www.simplyzigzag.com). Simplyzigzag.com offers both a no commission, web based estate agency and a direct sales platform to homeowners.

    (Filed: Thu Jul 03 2008)
  • Homeowners face huge increases in mortgage costs

    The cost of mortgages has soared in the UK over the past six months by as much as nearly £1,300 on a two-year loan. The price comparison service Moneyfacts.co.uk reports that the average rate of lending on a two-year fixed-rate deal now stands at a 10-year high.

    (Filed: Thu Jun 26 2008)
  • Threat of negative equity looms large for homeowners

    As house prices continue to fall, thousands of homeowners may find themselves stuck with properties worth less than the amount they borrowed, according to figures released this week by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

    (Filed: Fri Jun 13 2008)
  • Buy-to-let sector going bust

    The buy-to-let property market is collapsing, according to a report on Monday from Bradford & Bingley, the UK’s largest lender to private landlords.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 10 2008)
  • House prices fall sharply in May

    For the seventh consecutive month, house prices in the UK fell in May, by 2.5%, according to the Nationwide’s latest house price index. This is the biggest month-on-month decline in house prices since the recession of the early 1990s, and the figures are worse than expected.

    (Filed: Wed Jun 04 2008)
  • UK Housing Alliance Working for "Sell and Rent Back" Regulation

    With the news the OFT have launched a study into sell and rent back, UK Housing Alliance (UKHA), one of the UK's largest sell-and-rent-back companies have commented on how they are already taking their own steps by working with the National Landlord's Association to help regulate the industry with a code of practice.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 03 2008)
  • The Meteoric Rise Of Thinkproperty.Com

    thinkproperty.com, consumer property portal, reports phenomenal growth to become number three in the Hitwise Business and Finance - Property category

    (Filed: Thu May 29 2008)
  • Credit card and mortgage delinquencies continue to rise

    A report from credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s revealed that subprime mortgages bundled into securities that were rated between 2005 and 2007 are continuing to increasingly default, and that delinquencies on credit cards and prime mortgages are rising. The situation is worsening in light of tighter lending conditions and a weakening economy.

    (Filed: Fri May 23 2008)
  • House sales drop to 30-year low

    According to a report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) issued on Monday, house sales could fall by 40% this year. Such a drop would mean the biggest contraction in the housing market on record, and could reduce consumer spending by 8%.

    (Filed: Wed May 21 2008)
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