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  • Tories call for HIPs to be scrapped

    The controversial home information packs (HIPs) that were introduced in December 2007 face renewed criticism as the Conservatives call for them to be scrapped.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 23 2009)
  • Belize Property: Great Holiday Home or Investment

    An industry expert has stated that properties in Belize -- like several other Latin American countries -- continued to grow in value rapidly through the beginning of the credit-crunch, and are holding their value now as the credit-crunch continues to become more severe.

    (Filed: Wed Jan 21 2009)
  • Credit-Crunch Good News for French Ski Property

    An abundance of snow, combined with the credit-crunch has brought a surge in popularity to French ski resorts, as less French residents go abroad. According to the tourism study group Protourisme over 75% of French ski property was occupied over the Christmas period. This is excellent news for the French property market says Liam Bailey chief market analyst for overseas property portal Property Abroad. His exact words were:

    (Filed: Wed Jan 21 2009)
  • FTSE Emerging Property Market Index a Valuable Source!

    The FTSE group, in conjunction with the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) is to launch 12 new real time indexes, to track the performance of property stocks in emerging markets.

    (Filed: Wed Jan 21 2009)

    A large majority of UK landlords refuse to be forced into selling properties as a result of the ‘credit crunch’.

    (Filed: Wed Jan 21 2009)
  • House prices will continue to fall in 2009

    According to predictions by Rightmove, the UK’s biggest residential property website, house prices are set to fall a further 10% next year, as the recession continues to ravage the UK and unemployment rises. In December prices fell by an average of 2.3% (to £217,808), and by more than 10% from the peak in May.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 20 2009)
  • ECB Rate Cut could 'Stimulate a recovery" in Europe

    As expected by analysts the European Central Bank has cut interest rates by 0.5% to just 2.0%, on the back of reports that the Euro Zone's economic slowdown could get worse than was previously thought. If this is passed down to consumers, it could make property purchases in Europe even more appealing, according to overseas property portal Property Abroad.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 16 2009)
  • Research Reveals Sustained Growth in Dominican Republic Property

    The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries where prices have continued to grow despite the global financial situation, according to specialist overseas property portal Property Abroad. Liam Bailey, their chief market analyst said:

    (Filed: Fri Jan 16 2009)
  • Buy-to-let deals harder to come by

    Mortgage deals of between 10% and 15% deposits, which used to make up some 61% of the buy-to-let market, have become a thing of the past.

    (Filed: Thu Jan 15 2009)
  • Cape Verde Property Market

    Just off the coast of Senegal, the tropical islands that make up Cape Verde are in a crucial stage of their emergence as hot-property markets, according to overseas property specialists Azure Overseas.

    (Filed: Wed Jan 14 2009)

    A new ‘credit crunch’ generation of tenants, who are renting property instead of buying, is discovering the biggest single thing that can settle an argument with their landlords.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 13 2009)
  • The housing market outlook for 2009

    Worst-case scenarios for the UK property market this year and beyond envisage price falls of up to 50%, hundreds of thousands of homeowners falling into negative equity, debt levels remaining high, and zero interest rates for several years, along with ever more drastic moves by central banks to keep the economy from imploding.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 13 2009)
  • All white on the night – Dublin gets it’s Dome

    When the Millennium Dome in London’s Greenwich first opened it was an architectural white elephant - a space so vast that it baffled those charged with filling it. Today, its sister project, the 02 Dublin, opens in the Irish capital…

    (Filed: Sun Jan 11 2009)
  • Going Dutch – the start of a new auction trend?

    When it came to shifting a beautiful old New Zealand mansion, a local agent held a ‘Dutch auction,’ in which prices start high and then drop in stages until a price is settled upon. Could this be the start of a new trend? TheMoveChannel.com finds out...

    (Filed: Sun Jan 11 2009)
  • Bargain Barbados Properties from Property Abroad

    Overseas Property Portal Property Abroad has announced the addition of some bargain properties in Barbados. They have Barbados properties, including apartments and villas starting from under £200,000.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 09 2009)
  • Spanish Property Presents Bargains, Tenerife Growth Continues

    Spanish property prices could drop by up to a fifth in the next year, according to market experts. Figures from the Spanish Property Owners Guild (SPOG) show that property prices have already dropped 16% and the body is forecasting a further 15% drop in the coming year.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 09 2009)
  • Changes in store for home information packs

    The UK government is introducing changes to home information packs (HIPs) which will come into effect in April 2009. These will include a number of new features that aim to bring greater benefits to both home buyers and sellers.

    (Filed: Fri Dec 12 2008)
  • Homeowners renovating- not selling

    Property renovations are picking up in the UK market as the credit crisis worsens. Homeowners are still confident that by redecorating their homes, they can be worth more when put up for sale.

    (Filed: Fri Dec 12 2008)
  • European Property Boosted by Credit-Crunch?

    Overseas property news is currently filled with Spain. One report released by the airline Monarch said that Cyprus, the Canary Islands and Malaga are currently their most popular destinations and that Spain is in fact more popular on the whole, this is particularly good news when you consider that Monarch also revealed that 43% more people have booked summer flights than this time last year.

    (Filed: Mon Dec 08 2008)
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