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    Yorkshire region landlords are to receive a special briefing on fire safety in tenanted property – from two of the private rented sector’s acknowledged experts.

    (Filed: Mon Mar 02 2009)
  • House prices continue in downward direction

    The UK housing market is still not showing signs of picking up, as house prices fell by another 1.8% in February, according to the Nationwide building society, making the prospect for any recovery this year very unlikely.

    (Filed: Thu Feb 26 2009)
  • The new power generation

    thequietriot.com features today an innovative technology to heat our homes and produce electricity. Most of us use gas boilers or oil burners to heat out flats and houses. Over the last years the attention has started to shift as new technologies and products are emerging. WhisperGen offers a micro Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) for domestic users, which can replace traditional technologies.

    (Filed: Thu Feb 26 2009)
  • Sale and rent-back market to be regulated

    The announcement that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) will regulate the sale and rent-back market from July 2009 is welcome news for both consumers and the equity release market, as it would do away with the current confusion between sale and rent-back schemes and equity release.

    (Filed: Fri Feb 20 2009)
  • DNB Vacation Rentals Reveal Top 5 Destinations

    DNB Vacation Rentals have revealed their five most popular locations for holiday rentals, based on visits to the site, page views and rentals booked online.

    (Filed: Thu Feb 19 2009)
  • No mortgages to meet increased buyer interest

    On the back of falling house prices for the past 18 months, the number of people looking to buy property rose for the third month in a row in January, according to the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors. But whether this increased interest will translate into actual sales remains to be seen, given the ongoing difficulties in the mortgage market.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 17 2009)
  • Property Abroad Recommends Albania Property Investment


    Overseas property portal Property Abroad has announced the addition of new overseas investment property in Albania. Albania has been in the news lately as big real estate investment trusts move into Eastern Europe, primarily focussed on Albania -- most recently 05 Feb 2009 with a big UK fund announced.

    (Filed: Mon Feb 16 2009)
  • Property Portal Sees 25% Growth in FSBO Properties

    Property-Abroad.com Ltd, a company that is collectively responsible for over 300 websites, each specialising in a particular county or area of the property industry, has announced a 35% increase in the number of properties for sale by owner (FSBO) since July 2008. Les Calvert director of the group said:

    (Filed: Mon Feb 16 2009)
  • The Passivhaus is the opportunity for action

    A Passivhaus is a building which needs very little energy for heating and cooling from outside sources: It needs 15kWh/(m2a)of energy in one year, which is the equivalent of 1.5 litre of fuel oil per square metre. An old property needs about 20 litres of fuel oil per square metre in one year. At the same time a Passivhaus provides all the comfort one expects from a modern building. How can this be achieved?

    (Filed: Mon Feb 16 2009)

    A deal struck between a major Maltese Bank and a leading Property Agency means that potential UK buyers are a lot closer to their dream of owning a property on the island.

    (Filed: Wed Feb 11 2009)
  • Prime London properties see prices fall

    Prices of prime London residential properties fell 3.7% in January, the second highest monthly fall on record, according to the latest report by leading estate agents Knight Frank.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 10 2009)
  • Are you living in an old property?

    There are around 26 million homes in the UK and it is estimated that at least 86% of this building stock will still be in use by 2050. More than 80% of all houses in the UK were built before 1980. Housing is responsible for nearly one third of the UK’s CO2 emissions. How can we make our houses more energy efficient?

    (Filed: Mon Feb 02 2009)
  • Win A Dream Home In The Sun Competition Launch

    This release discusses today's launch of a competition to win a luxury golf home in Andalucia, Spain. The property comes mortgage-free and with all conveyancing and property transfers costs taken care of.

    (Filed: Mon Feb 02 2009)
  • Cult Film Cottage goes on Sale

    Here is your chance to snap up a slice of true film history - the remote Cumbrian cottage to which Richard E Grant and his sidekick escaped to in the cult 1986 film Withnail and I will be going under the hammer next month…

    (Filed: Thu Jan 29 2009)
  • Surviving Recession: If things get rough, rent your stuff!

    1.92 Million unemployed, one home repossessed every 10 minutes... Recession is here, and we can’t deny it. What we can do is find ways to get through it. Time to make use of everything you own: time to rent!

    (Filed: Tue Jan 27 2009)
  • Open plan ‘bad for health’

    Open plan living has become hugely popular in terms of residential set ups, creating a flexible space for the modern family, but, when it comes to commercial office space, the open plan layout tells a very different tale, causing workers’ health to deteriorate rapidly…

    (Filed: Sat Jan 24 2009)
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