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  • People improving not moving

    The amount of money people spent on home improvements last year reached a massive £16.6 billion, reflecting a £2.5 billion increase over the past decade – and as the coming Easter weekend is traditionally one of the most popular times to do DIY and more people stay closer to home due to the credit crunch, this figure is expected to increase even further…

    (Filed: Fri Apr 10 2009)


    Households across the UK could be making up to a whopping £38 billion* a year, just by storing excess clutter to rent out a room. That equates to over £3 billion a month based on average rental incomes across the UK. It could mean an extra personal income of as much as £320 a month or £3,840 a year per household! It’s time to get the junk out of the spare room to make some money, according to findings from self storage experts Big Yellow Self Storage.

    (Filed: Tue Apr 07 2009)
  • House prices fall across the UK in first quarter

    The latest quarterly house prices index from Nationwide shows that house prices in all of the UK suffered double-digit falls over the past year. The average house price stands at £149,709, an annual percentage fall of 16.5% and a quarterly fall of 4.2%. The most expensive region remains London, while Scotland registered the smallest annual price fall.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 03 2009)
  • New measures for HIPs to benefit consumers

    In a move aimed at improving the accessibility and usefulness of the much-maligned home information packs (HIPs) to buyers, new rules are to take effect in April that require vendors to have a HIP in place before putting their property on the market.

    (Filed: Fri Mar 20 2009)
  • Survey Reveals Lack of Confidence in UK Property System (91% would use a “Buyers’ Agent”)

    A recent survey commissioned by the Association of Property Finders and Buyers Agents (APFBA) highlights a requirement for more clarity in the role of UK estate agents when dealing with both sellers and buyers to avoid conflicts of interest. It also suggests that the need for buyers to be represented properly has never been so apparent if confidence is to be restored.

    (Filed: Fri Mar 20 2009)

    The Residential Landlords Association has formed a three-man team of environmental health and housing consultants to strengthen its work with local and central government.

    (Filed: Mon Mar 16 2009)
  • New HIPs Law to Help Private Sellers

    New HIP laws will make selling property privately easier, by forcing sellers to prepare in advance of the first enquiry, which comes quite quickly when you advertise

    (Filed: Fri Mar 13 2009)
  • Glass half empty

    If your elderly parent has just died and you are dithering about what to do with their house, or you have moved out of your home and are trying to sell it during the current recession – don’t delay too long. New legislation from the UK Government has announced that anyone who leaves their house empty for six months or more could have it removed by the state and rented to tenants…

    (Filed: Thu Mar 12 2009)
  • Greater buyer interest but no rise in sales

    Buyer interest in UK properties has seen an increase for the fourth consecutive month and at a faster pace since August 2006, according to the latest research by the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors (RICS). However this greater demand is not translating into sales, which continue to fall.

    (Filed: Thu Mar 12 2009)
  • Best Letting Agents in the UK Announced

    Young London (www.younglondon.co.uk) has been shortlisted as one of the best letting agents in London by the Estate & Letting Agent Awards, sponsored by PSG

    (Filed: Wed Mar 11 2009)
  • Irish Property Duo For Sale

    In a changing World, Ireland retains its Gaelic warmth, its mystic charm and its seductive scenery that has always attracted visitors and new residents alike.

    (Filed: Sun Mar 08 2009)
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