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  • Council wins awards by closing staff skills gaps


    West Lothian Council has been using a tool from York-based MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) to analyse soft skills. The tool helps to highlight skills gaps within the organisation as a whole, for specific departments and individuals. The bespoke, easy-to-use system developed and provided by MKM contributed towards seeing the Council awarded the Institute of Customer Service ‘Centre of Excellence’.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 04 2007)


    Local Authorities that have made tangible improvements in their Council Tax collection rates during the last year need look no further for recognition! Today, Bacs – the not-for-profit, industry body behind Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit – has launched its annual Local Authority (LA) Direct Debit Challenge Awards.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 27 2007)
  • New look for UnityUK


    On 2nd April 2007 The Combined Regions (TCR), in partnership with OCLC PICA, will go live with the next version of the UnityUK resource sharing service. The new version will deliver significant enhancements in workflow and usability and has been developed in partnership with the service’s user community of over 120 libraries.

    (Filed: Tue Mar 27 2007)
  • Kineo's new rapid e-learning helps to flatten absence issues


    Absence from work costs the UK economy an estimated £10 to 12 billion each year. The average direct cost per employee is estimated around £434. Training can help save costs – but you want to control the cost of training too. Kineo has developed a new method to deliver quality, customised absence management e-learning in rapid time at a fraction of traditional costs: The Absence Management Flatpack.

    (Filed: Thu Mar 15 2007)
  • Tony Blair's Sellout To Europe Hammered


    The question was always going to be when will the British wake up and make a stand against the European Mandarins and campaign for a Referendum in order to decide the future destiny of the UK and control of its borders.

    (Filed: Thu Mar 01 2007)
  • Kineo launches Flatpack e-learning concept for fire safety awareness


    The new fire safety regulations came into force on October. E-learning is an obvious route for ensuring compliance. Kineo is launching a new way to deliver quality, customised fire safety e-learning in rapid time at a lower cost: Flatpack e-learning.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 16 2007)
  • Further Evidence Of "Battery Farm Woking"


    UKIP Woking have added their support for a 568 signature petition by residents of Old Woking, who oppose cramming further people into Ryden's Way and are asking for adequate parking instead.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 12 2007)


    UKIP Woking today expressed no satisfaction in being proved right again, that Woking is turning into a battery farm for people. This comes after Woking council announced even more new homes in Victoria way, but no room for parking!

    (Filed: Thu Jan 11 2007)


    The Woking branch of UKIP today laid the blame for massive rail fare rises at the feat of the Government, and in particular the Mayor Of London.

    (Filed: Fri Jan 05 2007)
  • The Car Party now has 3524 Members


    The Car Party now has 3524 members in the Uk and will be in a position to contest elections during 2007/8 onwardds in the UK.

    (Filed: Fri Dec 29 2006)
  • The Car Party becomes an officially recognised political party.


    Despite having 393 members join since the 6th November 2006 and becoming an officially recognised political party on the 12th December 2006 the UK media refuse to acknowledge our exsistence. The Animal Rights Party launched with 200 members and yet received nationwide press coverage.

    (Filed: Mon Dec 18 2006)
  • UKIP Woking question councils tax payer funded PC magazine.


    UKIP Woking today questioned the level of political correctness being force fed to Wokings residents, after the councils tax payer funded propaganda exercise enraged Christians, by choosing a picture of a Muslim lady in full Islamic dress as the front cover of it's magazine.

    (Filed: Thu Dec 07 2006)
  • UK gets chance to vote on EU Referendum


    Thanks to a new government initiative, the people of the EU now have and opportunity to demand a referendum on EU membership.

    (Filed: Sun Nov 19 2006)
  • UnityUK and LinkUK Integration Underway


    OCLC PICA and The Combined Regions (TCR) are pleased to announce that the process to integrate the UnityUK service with the LinkUK service has successfully begun.

    (Filed: Thu Oct 12 2006)
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