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  • Killeen Demands A Fair Deal For Irish Fishermen

    Tony Killeen TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, today met EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Berg to reinforce his efforts to secure a fair deal for Irish fishermen in EU /Norway negotiations being held in Brussels this week.

    (Filed: Mon Dec 07 2009)
  • Multi-Site Fuel Management Boosts Fuelling Cost Control of Rotherham Borough Council’s Vehicle Fleet


    Faced with an ageing and unserviceable fuel management system, Rotherham Borough Council has turned to Fueltek to provide a complete package of new hardware and support. With a fleet of around 450 vehicles, three depots and an annual fuel consumption of over 1.3 million litres, fuel management and accountability are serious issues for Rotherham as they are for other Boroughs. It was therefore vital that Fueltek smoothed the transition from the old system and provided fuelling systems with the flexibility to meet future needs.

    (Filed: Tue Sep 01 2009)


    Portsmouth Football Club manager Paul Hart was on hand to launch two dedicated health and education outreach buses at the Club’s Fratton Park stadium. The buses are the first major initiative in Passion For Portsmouth, a campaign launched by some of the City of Portsmouth’s major institutions, supported by a new web-based portal that promotes everything that is good about living in the city.

    (Filed: Tue May 19 2009)
  • Redditch Borough Council Set to Improve Call Handling Ability in Contact Centre with SmartPoint


    Redditch Borough Council, part of the Worcestershire Hub comprising district and borough councils and a county council, has selected SmartPoint to enable customer service advisors (CSAs) in the contact centre to offer a more streamlined and efficient service. SmartPoint achieves this by providing a single view of the customer via a desktop dashboard that works alongside the council’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. Redditch is the third Worcestershire Hub member to select SmartPoint along with Wychavon District Council and Bromsgrove District Council.

    (Filed: Sat May 16 2009)
  • Thompsons criticise legal challenge to new law


    Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland have accused insurance companies, who are seeking a judicial review of legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament, of prolonging the agony of those suffering from pleural plaques. The bill would restore victims' rights to compensation.

    (Filed: Wed Apr 22 2009)
  • Nosago Launches Crowd Sourcing Website Platform to Find Solutions for Societal Issues


    Nosago offers a new service, called Crowd Sourcing, giving organizations another tool to find the best way to resolve issues, make policy decisions, find answers to key questions, or even to confirm or modify advice from other sources. Organizations can tap into expertise from around the world, find best recommendations and practices, and then present and work these out in a dedicated consultation with their constituents.

    (Filed: Thu Mar 26 2009)
  • £46 Billion Public Boost for Building Contractors in 2009

    Recent Government pledges to support vital PFI construction projects will result in more than £46 billion of capital expenditure in 2009, according to a new database & mailing list on public sector building contractors from MTW Research.

    (Filed: Tue Mar 10 2009)
  • LONDON, UK – February 18, 2009 – Bromsgrove District Council, part of the Worcestershire Hub, has ch


    Bromsgrove District Council, part of the Worcestershire Hub, has chosen to implement SmartPoint in its customer service centre to enable customer service advisors (CSAs) to offer a faster, more efficient and higher value service. SmartPoint achieves this by providing the CSAs with a single, immediate, dashboard view of relevant customer information stored across many back office systems, while working in tandem with the council’s Onyx customer relationship management (CRM) system.

    (Filed: Thu Feb 19 2009)
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