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  • New UK Immigration Laws to Impact TEFL Teachers

    New rules to be brought forward by ministers will require all non-EU immigrants marrying British citizens to have a basic command of English before they are allowed to live in the UK.

    (Filed: Wed Jun 16 2010)
  • Language Tasters Are The Future

    Statistics show Language Tasters are becoming the future. Less people are taking full-time language courses and more are deciding on taster classes. Taking a taster course can be an excellent way of trying out a language before you buy.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 15 2010)
  • New book helps students to pass exams

    Kaplan Publishing has launched a book called The E Word that is not just about exam technique; it introduces an exam-focused approach for studying and revising more effectively, which students can adopt from the beginning of their studies.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 08 2010)
  • Summer Super Intensive Arabic & English Courses Launched at Eton Institute for the 5th Successive Ye

    Eton Institute commence registrations for summer courses including their signature Super Intensive courses for English and Arabic, Intensive courses for French and Spanish and language activity classes for kids and teens. Furthermore, individuals enrolling for any course or workshop this summer stand the chance to drive away with a brand new 2011 Renault as part of a recently launched 'Win a Car' promotion.

    (Filed: Wed Jun 02 2010)
  • Revolver Working With Dynamo Games

    Revolver PR is working with Dynamo Games, one of Scotland's leading game developers, as the company evolves and moves into new business areas.

    (Filed: Mon May 24 2010)
  • Schools Shut in Bangkok After Violent Clashes

    Dozens have been killed in the recent clash between protesters and troops in the Thai capital and schools across the city remain closed. TEFL teacher, Lynette Cooper, who lives near the centre of Bangkok, comments on the situation.

    (Filed: Mon May 24 2010)
  • Feed in Tariffs for Solar Energy Saving Money for UK Homeowners

    Feed in tariffs for solar energy describe a process where people are encouraged to invest in solar panels. This has been adopted by some states, and it gives people the ability to sell their extra solar-generated electricity to a power company. There are a number of benefits that have been associated with the legislation relevant to feed in tariffs.

    (Filed: Thu May 13 2010)
  • Aberdeenshire Women Teach Local Immigrants English

    Sandra Campbell and Anne Davies decided to help immigrants integrate into the local community by providing free English lessons after they sat a course with TEFL Scotland in November 2009.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 30 2010)
  • TEFL - Cutting the Costs of a Gap Year

    A gap year can be expensive but with a TEFL Scotland certificate you could teach English abroad and fund your trip as well as experiencing a country in one of the most amazing ways possible.

    (Filed: Mon Apr 12 2010)
  • Dynamic TEFL Company Win Prestigious Business Award

    Jennifer Hallwood and TEFL Scotland have won 'Most Enterprising Business' at the regional business awards held at the Drumossie Hotel in Inverness progressing them onwards to the National Awards later this year at Aberdeen.

    (Filed: Tue Mar 16 2010)
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