Hanging on the telephone? Not at Pink Connect, Northampton

Innovative Northamptonshire businessman Raj Deokar, director of Pink Connect (Northampton) Ltd, has the answer to those phone bugbears

[UKPRwire, Tue Jun 29 2010] WE have all had that annoying engaged tone, or been stuck in an endless telecommunications loop...

Well, innovative county businessman Raj Deokar, director of Pink Connect (Northampton) Ltd, aims to help that particular bugbear become a thing of the past.

Mr Deokar, a post-graduate in computer management and a graduate in computer science, has started Pink Connect (Northampton) Ltd, backed up by the well-established brand of Pink Connect which has helped thousands of UK businesses over the past 10 years.

Using his 17 years of IT and telecommunications experience – 13 of them with BT, Mr Deokar, said he can help small and medium-sized businesses with all their telecommunications issues and save them money!
He said: “Take example of a surgery in Northamptonshire.

“I am trying to reach them but I am getting an engaged tone. Now think, I am a patient. Will I not switch to a better surgery than this one which can’t be bothered about my phone call?

“In this example, I can advise them of options of telecom solutions which will immediately take the call and if there are multiple people calling at same time, they can be put in a queue.

“While in the queue, the caller can hear professional messages about the benefits of being with the surgery or special announcements and so on - you can get the picture, right?

“Another example can be a local takeaway – it advertises in a few local newspapers but never knows which advertisement is paying them a better return on investment, or which customers calls more regularly than others. I can help to solve this problem with solutions that I offer so that they can identify where incoming calls are coming from and can identify regular customers as soon as call comes in. Will it not help them directly increase their revenue? Off course, it will. And there are just plenty of such examples where I can offer help.”

He said businesses often complain about spending money on upgrading telephone set-ups but he can offer solutions which are investments rather than expenditures, with low monthly instalment options.

He said: “We have actually saved businesses on landline and calls enough so they can afford new a telephone system at no extra cost.

“How do we achieve reduction in landline and call cost? It’s not a rocket science. Corporate companies are charging business customers all sorts of fees with call charges like call set-up fees, connection fees and reconciliation fees etc.

“We get rid of all such fees and offer standard simple call charges. That way we are saving more than 40 per cent on call charges than the corporate companies.”
Ian Cooper, who runs a consultancy advising businesses on strategy and finance said: “The main difference with Pink Connect is its customer service.

“It is totally focused on you as a customer. It's a good friendly service and it has definitely saved me time and money coming up with a lot of proactive solutions to problems I hadn't even thought of.”

Other benefits Pink Connect can offer include a fast and efficient service with a smile, a one-bill solution to take the confusion out of multiple lines and charges. Its very own mobile service, Pink Mobile, which uses the 3, Orange and T-Mobile networks to offer outstanding coverage to 99 per cent of the population.

To find out more about Pink Connect, go to www.pinkconnect.com/northampton, or contact Mr Deokar on 01604 217271 / 07714 679820 or email at northampton@pinkconnect.com.

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