Stationary Fuel Cell Systems Market Massive Growth, Demand by Segmentation, Region and Forecast to 2

170 Pages Report] Stationary Fuel Cell Systems Market research report categorizes the global market by Technology (MCFC, PAFC, PEMFC, SOFC), By Application (Prime Power, Uninterrupted Power Suppy (UPS), Combined Heat & Power (CHP)), By Power Range (Less than 5Kw, 5-250KW, 250-1mW, More than 1mW), & Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, APEJ, MEA)

[UKPRwire, Mon Jul 22 2019] A stationary fuel cell system is a stationary or non-mobile power system, in which a fuel cell or multiple fuel cells are used to generate electricity through an electrochemical reaction. Stationary fuel cell systems are commonly used as a backup power source, primary power source, or combined heat and power (CHP) source in multiple applications, especially in critical areas.

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Increasing concerns about negative impacts of conventional power generation methods on the environment have triggered the use of sustainable power generation equipment such as fuel cells. Conventional power generation units involve combustion of fuel, which ultimately leads to the emission of harmful gases into the environment. This is triggering needs for finding an eco-friendly substitute to tradition electricity generation methods.

In order to cater to the growing needs for more environment-friendly ways to generate electricity, players in the stationary fuel cell systems are promoting the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to traditional power generation. Furthermore, end-users’ awareness about the environmental benefits of using fuel cells in stationary applications, as they mitigate the dependence on oil and harmful emissions, is boosting adoption of stationary fuel cell systems.

Apart from its environmental benefits, stationary fuel cell systems offer more versatile advantages over conventional, combustion-based power generation systems. Stationary fuel cell systems are compact and create less noise, which are among the most important factors to trigger end-users to replace conventional electricity generation systems with stationary fuel cell systems.

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However, fuel cells are 60% more efficient that other combustion-based engines at generating electricity, which persists to be the leading factors to boost adoption of stationary fuel cell systems across various end-users. Furthermore, stationary fuel cell systems are also preferred over tradition power generation methods for generating heat, as fuel cells are 90% more efficient at generating heat.

In addition, as there are a small number of moving parts in stationary fuel cell systems, they require less maintenance than traditional combustion engines. Thereby, a majority of end-users are shifting away from conventional combustion-based engines to stationary fuel cell systems for highly efficient power generation.

As automobiles are becoming high-tech, leading players in the automotive industry are adopting advanced fuel cell technologies to develop next-generation stationary fuel cell systems for modern electric vehicles. Growing needs for reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency of automobiles, the adoption of fuel cells has increased in the automotive industry, creating profitable sales opportunities for manufacturers in the stationary fuel cell systems market.

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Most automakers across the world are adopting proton exchange membrane fuel-cell (PEMFC) systems to develop stationary fuel cell systems to provide heat as well as electricity. A majority of leading manufacturers in the stationary fuel cell systems market are developing the proton exchange membrane fuel-cell (PEMFC) technology for small or mid-sized stationary power generation for passenger cars. The burgeoning trend of rising sales of electric vehicles and needs for controlling automotive emissions is expected to generate new avenues of growth for players in the stationary fuel cell systems market.

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