Intelligent blood storage and dispensing system provided by Olympus enables compliance with MHRA blo

System for the “Remote allocation” of blood at Barts and The London’s hospitals makes a big impact

[UKPRwire, Wed Jul 29 2009] Following the installation of 5 BloodTrack® HemoNine remote issue blood refrigerators from Olympus UK, the transfusion laboratory at the Barts and The London NHS Trust has seen significant savings in blood stock, staff time and overall costs across its three hospitals – The Royal London, Barts and The London Chest.

Driven by changes to the MHRA blood regulations, clinical staff at The Royal London Hospital site can now directly access blood from stock stored in special refrigerators on the wards without the main blood bank having to prepare and transport specific units whilst maintaining full traceability and tracking.

BloodTrack HemoNine is a locking nine drawer refrigerator for securely dispensing blood in locations beyond the blood bank such as Operating Theatres, A and E, Oncology and Haematology wards. The HemoNine refrigerator is controlled by the BloodTrack OnDemand kiosk to remotely allocate blood to hospital staff without any interaction of blood bank staff. When blood is required, it is automatically and safely dispensed, assigned, and labelled for the specific patient at the HemoNine refrigerator.

Matthew Grantham, Transfusion Laboratory Manager at Barts and The London said, “BloodTrack HemoNine provides clinical staff immediate access to blood products as and when it is required, when patients really need it. We currently have a HemoNine situated in A and E and Intensive Care on The Royal London site, another HemoNine at The London Chest Hospital, and plans for more systems in Operating Theatres later this autumn. Everyone thinks the system is brilliant, it is so safe and secure. The nurses love having the ability to issue blood on-demand, especially in A and E where the system sits in the resuscitation area.”

At The London Chest Hospital site, the installation of the BloodTrack HemoNine refrigerator and OnDemand kiosk has made an immediate impact by dramatically decreasing blood inventory as well as significantly reducing staff time. Before the system was installed, blood was transported by taxi, as required, to the various clinical sites up to two miles away. This process was time consuming, required laboratory staff and porters to be taken away from other key tasks, and meant that blood products were often over requested as additional “just in case” units were ordered for each procedure. With the BloodTrack HemoNine system, the hidden costs associated with transporting blood have been significantly reduced, along with the time blood products are out of refrigeration. “We have seen a 60% decrease in the number of units transported to remote clinical sites, and at The London Chest Hospital we have seen a significant reduction in the number of blood units wasted, down by 50%” explains Matthew Grantham.

Chris Broomhead, Consultant Anaesthetist at the Barts and The London, commented on the effect the installation of the remote blood allocation system has had at The London Chest Hospital, "Since the BloodTrack HemoNine has been introduced, we have reduced our blood usage in cardiothoracic surgery over the last 6 months by approximately 10%, compared with the same period last year. It has been well received by the clinical staff who have been impressed by the ease of use. The process of administering blood has become faster and more efficient, with reduced blood wastage."

Matthew Grantham continued, “After working closely with the Olympus patient safety team we have plans to expand the system further. We are very excited about the larger dispensing blood refrigerator, HemoSafe, which is due to go online soon and we are also looking at other areas where the Olympus systems are suitable such as phlebotomy, pharmacy, breast milk tracking and positive patient identification”.

BloodTrack HemoNine, HemoSafe and OnDemand are powered by Haemonetics Corporation.

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