Huntsman helps Kelvin Hughes steer navigation technology

Whether it’s busy shipping lanes or poor visibility you are trying to navigate, Araldite® adhesives from Huntsman Advanced Materials are now assisting the revolutionary radar systems reliably steering you towards safer waters.

[UKPRwire, Wed Jun 21 2006] Whether it’s busy shipping lanes or poor visibility you are trying to navigate, Araldite® adhesives from Huntsman Advanced Materials are now assisting the revolutionary radar systems reliably steering you towards safer waters.

Kelvin Hughes has led the marine industry with its innovative products for more than 50 years. With plans to develop the antenna technology within its marine radar systems, the company approached the engineering adhesives team at Huntsman for an advanced bonding solution. In order to simplify the mechanical structure and reduce the number of components used in the manufacture of the antennas, engineers at Kelvin Hughes were keen to start using Araldite® to save costs and move away from traditional fixing methods such as nuts, bolts and rivets.

Within the radar system, two high speed antennas are able to send signals to both X and S band receivers, giving better definition at sea at longer distances and helping find smaller targets in bad sea conditions. The combined radars provide essential collision avoidance, determine a ship’s position and maintain the safety of navigation. Using Araldite® adhesives as part of a new manufacturing process has led to a dramatic reduction in production time, making the newly developed antennas more cost effective.

In order to focus the microwave signals at speed through the antennas, the use of specialised materials is crucial to the new design. Specified by the design engineers involved in the project, three types of Araldite® were selected for their versatility, ability to enable in-situ bonding and quick setting characteristics. Araldite® 2021, 2027 and 5090 were used to bond components ranging from aluminium and polystyrene to PVC.

Mike Scourer, Head of Sensors, Kelvin Hughes Limited said, “The impact of Araldite® adhesives on our manufacturing process has been significant – production is now more efficient with less resources needed to complete each antenna. Offering an ideal bonding solution, the product has proven to be 100 per cent reliable with no returns to date since inception.”

Max Rollin, adhesives sales representative for Huntsman Advanced Materials in the UK said “We are delighted that Araldite®, with its successful track record in bonding, can enable Kelvin Hughes to continue its journey in design development. In an industry which demands reliability we are confident that our engineering adhesive solutions can provide the dependable service vital for ensuring safety at sea.”

Kelvin Hughes, part of Smiths Speciality Group, is a world-leader in marine navigation systems. It plans to continue to grow and supply the marine market with products that will satisfy the customer and improve safety at sea.

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