Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth: More inaccuracies

New Party publishes court transcripts and witness statements listing further inaccuracies in Al Gore’s film.

[UKPRwire, Wed Nov 21 2007] New Party member Stewart Dimmock scored a notable victory last month in the High Court when judgement was handed down on the Government’s decision to distribute Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth to all secondary schools in England. The court flagged up nine clear cut inaccuracies in the film and required the Government to make an interim payment of £60,000 towards Mr Dimmock’s legal bill.

However, the inaccuracies listed by the court reflected only the sample requested by the Judge. The witness statement of Professor Robert Carter lists 20 such errors rather than the 9 detailed in the judgement. The New Party has today published the full transcript from the case along with the witness statements of Professor Carter and Lord Monckton.

New Party Spokesman:
“We have published these court papers in order to show the full extent of the errors and exaggerations in the Gore film. We hope that by doing so we will enable teachers to be better prepared if they decide to use this film in the classroom. We also hope that school students will find the material helpful in conducting their own research into the issue.”

Distributing the film without highlighting the inaccuracies is unlawful. High Court Judge, Mr Justice Burton, stated that “there would have been a breach of sections 406 and 407 of the [Education] Act [1996] but for the bringing of these proceedings...” He therefore awarded Stuart Dimmock two-thirds costs against the Government.

Notes to editors:

1. A full list of the decisive inaccuracies is on the New Party website here.
2. The government produced “guidance pack” which accompanies the Gore film was only produced after Stewart Dimmock lodged his application for a Judicial Review at the High Court. The pack was revised at least four times in the run up to the hearing, again halfway through the hearing, and must now be sent out hard copy instead of simply being posted on the internet.
3. The Secretary of State for Education admits that his aim is to “influence” children:
4. Stewart Dimmock is a member of the New Party and was a candidate in the Dover District Council election on 3 May 2007
5. The New Party has the endorsement of Sir John Harvey-Jones. See:

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