National Homebuyers: 'Brits feel inflation is higher'

Many Britons face financial difficulties because they believe that inflation is well above the government figure.

[UKPRwire, Thu Mar 20 2008] The government claims that inflation currently stands at 2.2 per cent but Fool has carried out research, which found that most Brits think that in reality it is much higher.

The average Briton has seen costs rise by 8.1 per cent and this is leading to financial difficulties for many people.

"The government can boast as much as it wants about its success over controlling inflation. However, people feel inflation through the shrinking pound in their pockets; they don't experience it through a theoretical government shopping basket," said David Kuo from Fool.

"For most consumers, the true rate of inflation is much higher, which means that their pockets are being methodically picked through meaningless government figures.

"In order for consumers to reproduce the official inflation numbers, they need to replicate exactly the government's consumer basket item for item, whether or not they need to buy the goods," he added.

Fast property sale expert Julian King adds, "People are right to be concerned over their worth. With homeowners' major asset being their property as property prices continue to fall, we are all being worth less by the day.

"Homeowners who are looking to sell their property quickly to maximise value should consider a sale away from the open market approach, as the costs, delays, uncertainties and lack of a guaranteed sale through an estate agent do not suit every vendors' needs".

Mr King is a director of the UK's leading fast property buying company. National Homebuyers offer a series of solutions for people who want a quick property sale> The company is also the leaders in Sell and Rent Back products where the vendor can sell their property for up to market value but remain living in their home.

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