MERJS London commercial property estate agent summarises factors to consider when finding Central Lo

Choosing the right office space for a business can be stressful, costly and high risk if an occupier is not professionally advised. Colin Becker, Director of Central London offices at MERJS, a leading London commercial property estate agency offers advice to those embarking on an office space search.

[UKPRwire, Tue Mar 11 2008] MERJS – a leading London commercial property estate agency, understands how critical choosing the right office space can be for the following five to ten years of a business. When it gets to the point when a business owner can no longer put it off, perhaps because of the need for more space due to expansion, it’s time to call in the commercial property estate agent.

Colin Becker, Director of Central London office estate agency MERJS says; “We have helped many business owners to find the right office space for their business, and although every business has different needs, there are some core issues that the owner needs to consider when deciding upon the right commercial property for them. These issues revolve around the amount of office space, the office location and the office space features, and most important the cost.”

“Many occupiers under-estimate the “true cost” and “total occupational costs” involved in renting an office. Many people simply think of the rent and do not consider the additional costs such as service charge and business rates as well as the physical cost in running and refurbishing new offices. One has to consider this cost over the duration of the lease and when seeing this “true cost” which more often than not amounts to hundreds and thousands of pounds, people soon realise the benefits of being professionally advised.”

“Further considerations are the amount of square feet you need not only now but in the future,” he continues. “Then where the best potential office locations are for that specific business – it may be a matter of weighing up the benefits of parking spaces outside of the congestion zone against the prestige of a highly sought after central location. Then when the potential office spaces are narrowed down, it comes down to the facilities – does the space have all you need it to have, and if not, can you put those facilities in?”

“But that is only the beginning,” Colin adds with a cautionary tone. “Next is the potential minefield of negotiating the commercial property lease, and it is at this point where our clients really appreciate our help. It can be much more complex than renting a house!” For further information visit or call +44 20 7079 3976.

MERJS is one of the leading commercial property estate agents, and is actively involved in selling and letting of commercial property throughout Central London.

MERJS helps to identify and negotiate the most suitable office space to let for commercial tenants; including a serviced office space requirement, a refurbished Central London office, or a new commercial development. MERJS also advises a number of high profile landlords in the letting of offices throughout Central London.

MERJS is also involved in advising a number of high profile organisations such as property companies, commercial developers, institutions and private commercial property landlords on acquiring and selling commercial investment property for sale. This involves access to a wide range of commercial investment opportunities and a detailed understanding of the Central London commercial property market.

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