Incredible but True UKPB is on Page 1 for Buy My House and Sell Property Fast

UKPB the real estate leader in the United Kingdom has conquered the virtual world as well by ranking on the first page for the most competitive keywords “buy my house” and “sell property fast”. Jim Akin, Director to the company is all excited and said he was waiting to see his company rank on the first page since long and is happy with these rankings.

[UKPRwire, Wed May 05 2010] United Kingdom Property Bank (UKPB) is a real estate company located in Newcastle. It offers cash buying services related to sell property fast, buy my house, quick house sale and sell house fast. The company is in business since a decade but lacked online presence. Before few months it was heard that UKPB planned to increase its online presence and was thinking of hiring a SEO company.

For long we did not hear anything from the company, we were not even sure if it actually hired any SEO service provider or not. However today morning was different for both UKPB and us as it was seen ranking on the first page of Google search results for the most competitive keywords “buy my house” and “sell property fast”. This was very surprising and incredible at the same time. The rankings clearly indicate that the company has indeed hired a very powerful SEO company.

Online presence on the first page will surely mean more enquiries and business for UKPB. With this success and others to come ahead the company wishes to conquer the United Kingdom real estate dynasty very soon. Besides being on the first page it is also number one so far as customer’s preference is concerned. Many people have been clients to UKPB and received unmatched customer service.

“Yes we are all thrilled to find ourselves on the first page of Google, the search engine giant. I would like to congratulate ourselves and SEO company Varologic for the success. Varologic has really done a wonderful job and by all means deserves to be called the best SEO company in the UK” said Jim Akin, Director, UKPB. He further continued “The first page rankings are some of the biggest milestones we have ever achieved. We understand the responsibility coming our way along with these rankings. So instead of basking in the good news we are in fact preparing for the work that is going to come our way. We need business and these first page rankings are sure to give us that, in fact unlimited business.”

Vikram Lashkari the Director of Varologic .inc, was also available to comment, he said “I am very happy and proud of my SEO team members who have been able to achieve this target. Real estate niche is considered to be the most competitive when it is about online ranking, as big companies with big budgets are involved. We were all very excited when the task was given to us because we like challenges and there can be nothing more challenging than working for a real estate site. I would surely like to thank Jim Akin for giving us this opportunity”.

The first page rankings are sure to increase the business of the company and important to the success of any company. Let us congratulate United Kingdom Property Bank (UKPB) for the success and wish them all the best for the future endeavors. From here it surely seems that the company will be soon on the first spot making huge business.



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