Gastro Property Investing: Italy, the leading international property portal, announces a number of new Italian property developments or properties for sale.

[UKPRwire, Thu Sep 18 2008], the leading international property portal, announces a number of new Italian property developments or properties for sale, including:

· Villa Leoni (13 bedrooms, £3,144,770, Camerino)
· Thesands (from £59,710, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, Reggio Di Calabria, completion 2010)

Properties in Italy may not be an investment opportunity UK investors have considered in the past, so provides an overview of Porto and its culture.

Culinary Culture

Although Italy was not officially formed until the 19th century, its cuisine dates as far back as Roman times. Over the years the flavours of the country have evolved extensively and have been heavily influenced by conquerors, neighbouring territories and political upheavals, as well as the discovery of the New World and of course the produce available in the various regions.

Italian cooking developed and became popular throughout the world, which is reflected in the quantity of restaurants that are peppered globally that serve the tastes of Italy. Particularly popular are pasta and pizza establishments in countries such as England and America.

However, differences in the cuisine can still be seen today shown in the distinctions between the North and South. Regional ingredients and dishes vary reflecting the country's diverse history and culture, offering a lavish array of flavours to tantalise the taste buds.

In Italy food is taken very seriously and meal times are not only about sustenance but are seen as time to be spent with family and friends. An everyday meal will generally include a first and second course, whereas a traditional special occasion meal is far more elaborate.


Traditionally a selection of antipasti will be served such as prosciutto with melon and bruschetta, or dishes with ingredients such as mozzarella, tomato, roasted red pepper and artichoke hearts drizzled with olive oil.

In Italy soup is a desired starter, with Minestrone being the favoured choice. Gnocchi, polenta and pasta are all popular starters throughout the country, whereas in the north risotto is commonly used.

Main Courses

Fish, meat or poultry are the basis of an Italian main meal, served with a side dish of salad or vegetables and bread.
In an ever demanding world where people don't always have time to cook two courses, pasta dishes are used religiously as a main course in Italy, normally with plenty of bread to mop up the carefully prepared sauce.


Occasionally, fruit and cheese is served after the main meal or a dessert such as the world famous Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Zabaglione or Gelato (ice cream).
For a bigger meal, dessert is accompanied or followed by coffee, normally espresso, cappuccino or latte.

From the Bar

Italy is the biggest producer, exporter and consumer of wine on the planet. This is reflected at meal times where wine plays an important part, particularly during a meal for a special occasion such as the traditional family gathering on a Sunday. At times like this several wines maybe chosen to compliment the meal with a sweet sparkling variety set aside for the dessert.

Regional Delicacies


Like most of Italy pasta is very important in Calabria and the area is famous for its pasta all’arrabbiata, meaning ‘angry pasta,’ due to the heat of the hot pepper-packed tomato sauce.

Calabrians traditionally place an emphasis on the preservation of their food, in part because of the climate and concerns over crop failures. As a result, it is common practise to pack vegetables and meats in olive oil and along the coast, curing fish, especially swordfish, sardines (sardelle rosamarina) and cod (Baccalà).

Local desserts are typically fried, honey-sweetened pastries (cudduraci, scalille or scalidde) or baked biscotti-type treats such as 'nzudda.


Sicily has a reputation for its fine food and wine and is sometimes fondly referred to as 'God's Kitchen.'

The savoury dishes of Sicily are believed to be life preserving, using fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and lots of olives and olive oil.

Pasta and rice are an important part of Sicilian cooking as is seafood and meat dishes such as goose, lamb, goat and turkey.

Particularly popular are the sweet dishes in Sicily, including ice creams and pastries. Cannoli, a tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet filling usually containing ricotta cheese is known and loved worldwide.

A Taste of the Property Scene

Cianciana (meaning 'Little Bell') is a town on the south coast of Sicily. The north of the town is made up of houses from the turn of the century, criss-crossed by a maze of narrow cobbled streets, whilst the south area has newer, larger buildings. Small farms make up the surrounding countryside with organically grown plots producing pistacchio nuts, almonds, olives, oranges, lemons, grapes, pears and apricots.

This three floored terraced townhouse is located close to the main square in the small town of Cianciana, approximately 20 minute drive from a selection of stunning sandy beaches. With some renovation required, this townhouse has great investment potential and is in an area that will have three new golf courses opening by the end of the summer. Price €16,000.

Renowned as being remote and rugged, Calabria is the toe of the Italian boot. Glorious sunshine, rich soils and fine climate helps Calabria produce superb fresh food products such as bright red chillies, polished peppers and red onions.

Residencial Socrate is a superb new development of one and two bedroom apartments built on three floors situated in the lovely Italian town of Cariati Marina on the stunning Ionian Coast. The complex boasts a beautiful communal swimming pool set in lush landscaped gardens. Like many towns and villages in Calabria, Cariati is a resort centre for northern Italians during the summer months, with a fabulous marina and an array of cafes, bars and shops. Prices start from €60,200.

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