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Financial emergencies and repossession threats are some of the many reasons for individuals to lose their homes. offers simple and secure solution to the problem of not being able to hold your homes.

[UKPRwire, Wed Aug 19 2009] A huge section of homeowners can be found looking for a definite solution to divert the risk of losing their homes, at least not at an unfair sale price. has come up with services to help homeowners keep their homes safe against repossession and raise much needed cash without paying the cost of getting homeless. The company offers quick property buying and rent back agreements, making it possible for the individuals to continue living a hassle-free life, even during difficult financial conditions.

Homeowners in UK face the threat of losing their homes due to obstinate circumstances like repossession and eviction, divorce, financial and medical emergencies and emigration and relocation. Raising instant cash is the main reason to consider home sale as the right solution and get out of these situations. Croft Property Holdings helps homeowners to make this solution more practical.

First, the company makes genuine offers for buying homes from their owners, so that these individuals get right value for property. Second, it offers sell and rent back services for the homeowners, who wish to continue in their own house as tenants.Third, the company facilitates the individuals to buy back their homes, as and when they become financially capable to do so.

The services offered by the companies are based upon some fair and authentic aspects:

* Long term tenancy agreements
* No upfront fees and rental deposits
* Evaluation of property on the basis of prevailing market rates
* Discrete service and no sharing of information on boards
* Handling of repossession cases
* Deposit of money directly into the homeowner’s bank account
* Future communication about property value, in case the original owners want to buy them back.

Learn about the simple and secure solutions to save homes against repossession at The company can be visited for consultation and to get advised on specific needs and situations. Raising desired amount of cash by selling properties and sell and rent back are some of the admirable services offered by the company.

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Croft Property Holdings is a family run business in UK, aimed at guiding the homeowners to save their biggest investments in the form of properties. With an experience of more than 10 years, the company boasts of honesty and effective communication while providing services like quick house sale deals and long term rent agreements.


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