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A2A Group Plc [PLUS: A2A0], the broadband television R&D company, today announces its pre-close trading update for the period up to 31 July 2007.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jul 26 2007] A2A Group Plc [PLUS: A2A0], the broadband television R&D company, today announces its pre-close trading update for the period up to 31 July 2007.

Following the admission of the holding Company and its subsidiaries on to PLUS in August 2006, A2A has made good progress in the development of its core product Cube.TV – a multi-channel service provider and content creation tool for web-TV – which is due to be formally launched in September 2007. During the last 6 months, the Company presented at Cannes Lions, the annual international advertising festival and has concluded the following license, distributing and broadcast contracts:

ESPN Classic

· A 12-month project to deliver a first of its kind multi-territory airtime sales hub.

· The Company developed a unique solution that links major sales networks and broadcast systems to synchronise the sale or airtime across each of ESPN’s dedicated local language broadcast feeds across Europe

Cannes Lions

· The Company debuted Cube.TV and impressed ad agencies and marketing companies with its ability to allow media planners for the first time to plan highly targeted campaigns based around the digital TV audience profiles they want to reach – through the combination of the multiple channels Cube.TV will be delivering, and its unique audience measurement system.

Trainers Eye TV

· An exclusive horse-racing based web-TV channel dedicated to providing horseracing and gambling community with exclusive and previous unavailable footage of horses.

· The launch is currently only event-based with initial results from the summer horse-racing season including Ascot due out shortly.


· Signed a partnership with digital, rich media marketing company to deliver video within email without the need for streaming.

· This is a significant step forward for online marketers – providing broadcasters with a tool to specifically boost interaction with brand emails, enhance open and click through rates and other forms of direct marketing.

Obus Plc

· The Company has been granted a licence to create, deliver and distribute exclusive content through their INTATV systems network throughout the UK and Australia.

· INTATV is an IPTV media platform designed to attract new revenue opportunities for local and national advertisers – generating new revenue streams for leisure venues including pubs and hair salons.

· The private network delivers high-quality music, comedy and sports programming distributed across a broadband platform, encouraging interaction and revenue through mobile, loyalty-card, coin-operated and Internet channels.

Information TV

· Information TV, a Government-backed information channel, has joined Cube.TV’s platform and will be the first client to simultaneously broadcast content on Cube.TV and Sky.


· HypTV, the world’s first creative channel, has joined Cube.TV’s platform.

· HypTV aims to be a creative hub, offering opportunities for creatives and artists of all genres to gain exposure of their work. It is currently being shown on Information TV’s Sky channel.

Nick Brown, CEO of A2A Group, comments:

“The advances we have made underline the value of pooling resources with Petel Inc. through the business combination that was concluded in June this year. We look forward to securing a significant niche of the broadband TV market – TV 2.0 – which has the potential to rival traditional media in the years ahead with IPTV households expected to grow from 7 million to 48 million over the next twelve years.

With the business on track to reach profitability from September, we believe our revenue model that combines advertising revenues with fees from content owners for use of the Cube.TV platform, is a scaleable and dynamic one for this emerging market.”


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