The London Borough of Sutton and The Collective Film Locations Library

A unique partnership has been forged within the film, TV, photographic and event industries - the joining together of the UK's largest film location library and the London Borough of Sutton.

[UKPRwire, Fri Dec 18 2009] Until now relations between film offices and film location libraries have often been kept very separate with both organisations working individually on film projects, dividing the jobs between the council and privately owned locations.

Within London every one of the 33 boroughs has its own dedicated film office. The film officer for each of the boroughs will liaise directly with the location manager assigned to each individual production, be that a feature film, TV Drama, TV commercial, music promo, corporate film, internet viral, photographic shoot or event and they in turn will act as a mediator between all the relevant emergencies services that need to be made aware and have granted permission before filming takes place.

Until recently these two parties - film location library and borough film office - have remained separate because of the nature of film & photographic locations that they each individually facilitate. All council-owned locations including all public spaces MUST be administered through the council and anything privately owned can be administered through a library of film locations. This has been the case historically, but since The Location Collective and the London Borough of Sutton recently joined forces, they have laid to rest any doubts that these two organisations can indeed work together.

Working in complete partnership The Location Collective and the London Borough of Sutton have formed a unique relationship and work in complete unison with every production potentially interested in filming within the borough. Leisel Revett, filming officer in the London Borough of Sutton, realised that Sutton was not being utilised as a potential film location and that the borough had a lot more to offer than what had previously been known about it within the location industry. Approaching The Location Collective the relationship instantly flourished as both parties saw the great filmic potential and knew that with The Location Collective’s strong position in the location industry and its unique relationship with location managers, there was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of this previously under-utilised borough and, in the process, to make filming and photographic shoots more attractive, bring to market a wealth of undiscovered filming locations and in turn prove to be very lucrative for the borough itself.

This is a typically trailblazing approach from The Location Collective, who are confident that their vast knowledge and experience in the film, photographic and events industries will stand them in good stead when it comes to facilitating and managing each and every enquiry from productions wishing to film in the borough; whether for a major feature film, TV Drama, TV commercial or photographic shoot. From initial enquiry through to complete reinstatement, Sarah Arrowsmith who is the assigned account manager for the borough at The Location Collective is positive that her expertise with productions of all scales, great understanding of the borough itself, excellent working relationship with film officer Leisel, and of course the plethora of great locations that Sutton has to offer, will result in this partnership being nothing but a success.

In terms of tightly targeted marketing, The Location Collective is in a unique position, thanks to its membership base of over 128 location managers. The company has instant access to those location managers working in the most affluent sectors of the film & TV industries. They can market Sutton, as a borough, to any one individual with the film, TV, photographic and events industries who might be potentially interested in hiring any number of the locations. As well as a specially designed e-mail campaign and the ever crucial industry word of mouth, The Location Collective have dedicated a special area of their website, to showcase all the locations available in the borough - This especially dedicated area makes it easy to see at a glance the variety of filming locations that are on offer in Sutton.

The borough and its partnership with the largest film locations library in the UK mean that it can adequately accommodate and administer every scale and type of film production. The vast knowledge and experience offered by The Collective along with the film-friendly attitude of the borough make this an incredibly attractive and feasible filming option for all productions looking to base their production in the capital.

This relationship suggests that the benefits of a new and positive model of alliance between two organisations from different sectors - but working within the same industry – can include innovation, productivity and the encouragement and enticement of more filming to the capital.

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