TV Go Now Provides Global IPTV Portal For Holiday Seekers

TV World Productions Ltd launches another channel on the GDBTV platform with

[UKPRwire, Fri Apr 03 2009] TV World Productions Ltd (UK) brings global holiday destinations to viewers’ living rooms with the launch of another channel, Designed to assist a worldwide audience in choosing where they wish to spend their well earned breaks, highlights the best of cruise lines, hotels, resorts, cities and destinations from around the globe.

Featuring a bouquet of international content, includes a Travel Blog Spot, which features viewers’ own blogs, clips and reports of their favourite and recommended places to visit and things to do; a Cruise Zone; the exclusive 6 Star Zone, which showcases the elite of the world’s destinations; the Excite Channel, which premiers amazing global activities and adventure holidays; and four dedicated geo channels – the Euro Zone, Americas Zone, African Zone and Asia / Australasia Zone. Programmes are both scheduled and on-demand and all content is free to view.

Channel owner and managing director of TV World Productions, Geoff Harrison, says: “ features content from everywhere, so you can use the channel to peruse the best places to spend your next holiday. The channel is informative and fun, with a massive range of experiences and destinations to see, including everything from swimming with snakes in the Amazon River, to sipping a cocktail aboard the world’s most exclusive cruise liners. is essentially your portal to anywhere!”

While the current financial market may restrict extravagant and impulsive spend in consumer goods, people are still spending money on ‘feel good factor’ purchases, such as holidays. is a more powerful medium (over brochures for example) for booking holidays because it provides a real experience. This places in a powerful, niche genre position in both content and for advertising opportunities.

Tourism is vital for many countries, such as the U.A.E, Egypt, Greece and Thailand; and many island nations, such as the Bahamas, Fiji, the Maldives and the Seychelles. This is due to the large intake of money for businesses with their goods and services; and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. These service industries include transportation (airlines, cruise ships and taxis); hospitality (hotels and resorts); and entertainment (amusement parks, casinos, restaurants, bars, music venues and the theatre).*

Geoff concludes: “With a decline in the world travel market, due to the credit crunch, it is imperative that both consumers and travel operators maximise the travel experience via television media.”

This latest channel follows the existing TV World Productions line up of TV Magicians, TV Puppets, TV Jazz Music, TVI Party and Supercars TV, all of which are on the Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV) IPTV platform and which broadcast on the Something TV set-top box and virtual set-top box service in the UK, in addition to online globally via GDBTV’s Go UK TV portal and the individual channel websites.


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Notes to editors

About TV Go Now and TV World Productions Ltd (UK):
TV Go Now is owned and operated by TV World Productions Ltd (UK) and is based in London. Run by Geoff Harrison, TV World Productions also operates TV Magicians, TV Puppets, TV Jazz Music, TVI Party and Supercars TV. The company is dedicated to providing new media for the world, targeted to specific subjects. These channels support new and upcoming artists and television content providers, whilst providing entertaining programming. Further channels are planned for 2009, covering comedy, photography, unsigned bands and high level marketing.

About Global Digital Broadcast:
Established in 2005 and headquartered in Brighton, East Sussex, Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV) provides technical services in order to enable internet protocol television (IPTV) to be delivered by broadcasters around the world, to viewers around the world. It is the first to develop and implement such a comprehensive, end-to-end, IPTV application, including the G-Studio middleware; an IP set-top box (IP-STB); the online virtual set-top box (VSTB) application; secure age verification processes; and its pioneering MyPVR application, which enables the user/viewer to access previously screened programmes, including saving them in full.

GDBTV maintains and operates IPTV networks in America with SuncasTV, delivering Asian content across the US and globally; US based and Canal Sur run Via America, which delivers Latin and Brazilian content across the USA and Europe; Canada based IPQube which delivers Filipino content to the US and Canada; and Something TV in the United Kingdom. Further networks planned for 2009 include Brunei, Malaysia and Australia. GDBTV can deliver to 86 countries worldwide, has existing clients in over 30 countries; and territory IP-STB re-sellers positioned in Germany, Sweden, Chicago, L.A., China and Canada.

About Something TV:
Something is a British communications and broadcast company which has incorporated high-definition and digital technologies in order to provide a triple-play package including IPTV, telephone and broadband services; radio, online communities, wireless and mobile. Something TV provides an extensive range of top quality and niche programming within the United Kingdom via the set-top box service; and can deliver to 86 countries worldwide online. Something TV currently offers over 100 channels and a selection of linear and video-on-demand (VoD) programming.


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