Over-50's TV show reaches edition 5!

Goodbye, 9 to 5! reaches edition 5 on Information TV, Sky channel 166/Freesat 402

[UKPRwire, Mon Aug 03 2009] Goodbye, 9 to 5! is a TV programme designed specifically for people who are retired, or who aspire to retire!

"Unlike most "lifestyle/help and advice" style shows on TV, it's actually produced by older people to be watched by older people," says producer Chris Gosling (63).

During this summer, it's gradually building an audience as it broadcasts a fortnightly programme on Information TV on Sky channel 166/Freesat 402, and runs a support website at www.goodbye925.tv - and in the autumn, it is planned to to move to a weekly format.

On Wednesday 5th August, the programme launches its edition 5 at 6pm - and the show is repeated on Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays at the same time until the next new edition on the 19th August.

Goodbye, 9 to 5! is produced by Chris Gosling, who also acts as the show's main reporter. "At 63," he says, "I think I've got a pretty good handle on what people in our target age-group are interested in - it isn't a question of a young production team telling older people what they should be doing!"

"We're looking at a widening range of areas and interests, too. This programme features the last two of 4 slots talking about writing wills that work, with an expert will-writer, there's a look at some new leisure homes, and there are two slots encouraging people to participate in the programme. Next time, we'll be talking to an independent financial advisor, finding out about winter holidays, and looking at some pension concerns."

Goodbye, 9 to 5! is broadcast on Information TV, Sky channel 166 and Freesat 402 at 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, with a new programme every two weeks.

For more information, contact Chris Gosling on 07931 310254

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