New Scientist appoints Optimost to boost online subscription site

New Scientist has appointed Optimost to carry out multi-variable testing on their new online subscriber site prior to launch.

[UKPRwire, Sat Feb 17 2007] New Scientist has appointed Optimost to carry out multi-variable testing on their new online subscriber site prior to launch.

Optimost will test multiple combinations of text and graphics, aiming to identify the optimum page design from millions of possible permutations.

The appointment of Optimost, who opened their UK office this month under former Coremetrics Director, Greg Kelton, follows a trial which identified that the new subscription site would be able to convert more subscribers than the old one.

“There would obviously have been no point launching the website if it was less effective than the old one”, said Paola Van Den Brande of New Scientist. “Optimost enabled us to prove that the new one would convert more subscribers and that further improvements to conversion rates were possible.”

Described by one commentator as ‘website testing on steroids’, multivariable testing surpasses traditional A/B testing by enabling website owners to test multiple combinations of text and graphics simultaneously, identifying the optimum page design from millions of possible permutations.

“Multivariable testing can have a massive impact on the profitability of e-commerce websites” said Kelton. “We tested a number of elements on a product page for Time-Life recently and the winning creative boosted shopping carts by 75%. This converted to a seven-figure increase in annual online sales.”

Results from Optimost’s ‘Website Optimisation Best Practices’ research, conducted across more than 150 websites, show that whilst testing components on each website is a unique process, certain results remain constant. Navigation tools should be unambiguous and instructional copy as well as requests for information should be kept to a minimum.

Optimost will be demonstrating website optimisation solutions at Search Engine Strategies, Excel, February 13th – 15th 2007.

Optimost’s white papers on multivariable testing and success stories are available to download at
About Optimost

Optimost helps companies improve their conversion rates at every stage of interaction online include landing pages, shopping cart pages, credit card pages, etc.

Optimost’s technology lets you dynamically create and test limitless permutations of copy, offers, layouts, etc. and then optimise based on actual customer behavior.

Optimost’s testing methodology takes into account “relationships” among different variables on a page, and can test anything including the structure of the page itself and can account for any form of dynamic content serving.

Optimost also provides its clients with a content targeting engine, so clients can direct offers and conduct full-scale tests for different audience segments on the same page. For example, Optimost generally finds that a different page combination works best for PPC search visitors than for organic search visitors. Other audience segmentation criteria could include any combination of source of traffic, demographic data, or time of day.

Optimost Ltd. is a subsidiary of Optimost LLC, a privately-held company headquartered in New York. Optimost revolutionised online testing in 2001 when they launched the first on-demand multivariable testing platform.

Prior to opening a UK office, Optimost has worked with UK based clients such as Reed Business Information and Rackspace.

Worldwide clients include: InterActive Corp, Time Warner, Hewlett-Packard, Delta Airlines and Dow Jones.
The new UK office address is: 131-151 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 5BB

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