Film selected for festival challenges World Water Day goals

Film selected for festival challenges World Water Day goals

[UKPRwire, Fri Mar 20 2009] World Water Day this Sunday 22nd March is making much of water scarcity, shortages and water wars and prescribing yet more bore holes and hand pumps for people in the developing world. The film Flush it provides an antidote to such pitiful projects and backward ideas by stating what should be obvious – water can never run out.

The film has been selected for screening at the opening night of the Portobello Film Festival on Monday, 23rd March at the Inn On The Green, Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL (entry is free). Flush it will screen immediately before the UK premiere of Blue Gold: World Water Wars. This film is the epitome of doom mongering and raises apocalyptic fears of a world with no water. Screening the two films side by side is sure to raise debate as their messages are oceans apart.

Flush it director, Ceri Dingle, said today: “We should take a leaf out of Sir Joseph Bazalgette’s book and unlike the United Nations and makers of Blue Gold, think big on water provision and sanitation. Water really is perhaps the easiest resource to provide to everyone as it has no limits. Blue Gold fetishes water ownership as the scourge of the modern world, but who owns it is not the issue; the real problem is the lack of investment in major infrastructure projects to ensure water is always available, in ample supply, everywhere. The UN World Water Day sadly reinforces the fashionable lie that there are limits.”

Flush it is now available on DVD complete with extra filmed material from Twyford’s Alsager factory, the Flushed with Pride Exhibition and developments at Thames water.

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