Emerald partners with anti-plagiarism database in publishing industry first!

Emerald is proud to announce its recent partnership with iParadigms, LLC, developers of the Turnitin plagiarism detection product for academic institutions and the iThenticate plagiarism detection product for content publishers.

[UKPRwire, Thu Oct 05 2006] The Turnitin service has been expanded to include Emerald content since 25 September. This innovative move reinforces Emerald’s proactive stance on plagiarism, and ensures that Emerald content continues to maintain its high standard of integrity. Additionally, Emerald now has five iThenticate licenses to allow its editors to verify that articles submitted for publication are free from plagiarism and do not duplicate previously published work.

Malik AboRashid, Senior Director of Business Development, from iParadigms says, “This is the first agreement we have signed with a primary academic journal publisher. This ‘industry first’ confirms Emerald’s commitment to supporting integrity in scholarship and their position as a publisher of high quality research. Turnitin and iThenticate’s well proven plagiarism detection system is based on proprietary technology in use since 1996. It is completely web-based, requiring no installation or software maintenance. This fits well with Emerald’s accessible web-based publishing model, allowing Emerald to maintain its agility without resorting to cumbersome software-based anti-plagiarism solutions.”

The partnership with iParadigms allows Emerald to address the problems of plagiarism and copyright infringement in two ways:
• By allowing students, tutors, researchers and editors to compare content that they are submitting, marking, editing or publishing with content previously published by Emerald through the Turnitin and iThenticate services. This will alert the enquirer to possible duplication or plagiarism, and allow them to take the appropriate action, for example revision.
• By allowing Emerald to be proactive and check submitted work for copyright infringement against content it has previously published, plus 8.6 billion web pages, tens of millions of articles in more than 15,000 periodicals, and copyright free material.

Emerald’s Editorial Director Rebecca Marsh commented on the partnership agreement, “‘We are delighted to sign the agreement between Emerald and iParadigms. It will significantly help to promote integrity in academic research and support students and tutors working in the fields in which we publish. It will also greatly help to guard against plagiarized and duplicated work appearing in Emerald journals and will assist Emerald editors in managing the peer review process.”’

Marsh points out the most fundamental benefit of Emerald and iParadigm’s ground breaking new partnership – ‘this move should ultimately improve the quality of published academic articles. It is excellent news for all parties who are concerned with originality and improving the quality of research, both in academic institutions and in journal publishing’.

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iParadigms, LLC (www.iparadigms.com) is the leading provider of web-based solutions to check documents for originality, plagiarism, and for misappropriation. The company’s products include: Turnitin® (www.turnitin.com), an internet service used by millions of students and faculty in over 90 countries to vet academic work for originality, enable web-based student collaboration, and provide cutting-edge tools for digital assessment of academic work; and iThenticate TM (www.ithenticate.com), an internet service which enables publishers, news agencies, corporations, law firms, and government agencies to detect piracy or misuse of proprietary information and to conduct document originality due diligence. iParadigms is headquartered in Oakland, CA

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