Corruptababble: new film ridicules “corruption” obsession

Chew on it productions in partnership with the charity WORLDwrite are delighted to announce the launch of their latest documentary Corruptababble at the Battle of Ideas festival, held at the Royal College of Art on 28th October 2007 in London.

[UKPRwire, Tue Oct 23 2007] The film follows the journey of Yolanda Mufweba and Brendon Sissing, two young South Africans who, on a visit to the UK, are appalled by demeaning portrayals of Africa as a continent ruined by robbery and crime. They decide to make a film and interrogate the views of all sides – from anti-G8 protesters to well-known free marketers – to assess the scale of what they see as pure prejudice. The corruption obsession, Yolanda says, is “hammering Africa and undermining its development prospects”. They are determined to unravel the “babble”.

Director Ceri Dingle says:

“Brendon and Yolanda are truly inspiring subjects and young filmmakers. Their feisty approach and relentless investigation made this film a pleasure to make and an eye opener. It seems that all sides have swallowed the notion that Africa is suffering from an invisible global crime wave. There can be no doubt, as the young pair discover, that the “corruptababble” tells us more about political cynicism than what is really happening in Africa. The mockumentary moments in the film bring to life a healthier way of dealing with corruption obsessions, that is, to just not take them seriously. Corruption allegations provide a convenient excuse for denying political autonomy and withholding resources. For our peers to enjoy the development we take for granted they need to at least be treated with the trust we afford ourselves and allowed to manage their own affairs.”

Producer Vivien Regan adds:

“The Battle of Ideas is the perfect festival for the premiere of this insightful documentary. The film testifies to the all embracing power of ideas, which can damn and degrade people’s opportunities if left unchallenged. Corruptababble represents an ideological battle and one that Chew on it productions and WORLDwrite believe is vital to take on.”

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