Body language key sales ingredient

Marketing Donut reveals how to get your body language on message.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jun 25 2009] While salespeople spend hours worrying about what to say, they probably donít give much time over to thinking about how they look when they say it. Thatís a mistake because the words make up a mere seven percent of the meaning we convey. Tone of voice accounts for 38 percent and a whopping 55 percent comes down to body language, says a new sales skills article on Marketing Donut.

Renowned expert Robert Phipps says the most important way to ensure you have good body language is to make a conscious effort to be relaxed. He says the most important things to think about are breathing, posture, and the position of the head.

"Controlled breathing is the key to relaxation. Before going into a meeting, take five deep breaths, breathing in for five seconds, holding for three and breathing out for five.

"Keeping your head straight and level both vertically and horizontally will make you feel better, because it automatically releases endorphins in the body."

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