70% of UK adults notice personalised mail*

With research results like this driving new standards in creative execution for marketing clients, Vee – the combined media factory – has invested in a new HP Indigo Press 5500.

[UKPRwire, Wed Apr 08 2009] With research results like this driving new standards in creative execution for marketing clients, Vee – the combined media factory – has invested in a new HP Indigo Press 5500.

Adding much greater personalisation capability to the Reading-based business will open up even more opportunities for the unique mix Vee continues to offer clients and agency partners, and support its ambitious growth targets for the coming financial year.

Vee offers a whole range of production services under one roof, from commercial print and design to data processing and digital/mobile broadcasting.

Chris Sykes, CEO of Volume Group, talks about the performance he continues to see from his team at Vee:

“They’re bucking the trend. We read news every day about the production industry suffering but the guys continue to deliver results. I think it’s down to their ability to think on their feet, and in their clients’ shoes, so this investment supports another area where they see service potential.”

Caroline Dover, Managing Director for the Vee business, talks about how her team is thinking beyond the immediate needs and towards the future of campaign management:

“With our ability to integrate campaign data to deliver everything from a personalised email to a personalised follow-up sales pack, and beyond to a PURL**, this type of infrastructure is important to us staying ahead of the communications curve.”

The HP Indigo press 5500 prints up to seven colours on a wide variety of substrates and has a facility for personalising both text and images. These features, together with a high printing speed and extensive automation, make it ideal for high-quality projects such as marketing materials, direct mail, books and manuals.

Vee’s new press prints digitally: the print image is created directly from digital data, and this enables vast opportunities for personalisation that go far beyond the standard name-and-address specifics. The traditional boundaries no longer apply; the whole print image can be customised for each recipient.

Dover further explains the benefits of personalisation, particularly in light of growing communications and email apathy***:

“In today’s world, there is so much noise in the material that is reaching the end consumer, we really need to look for ways to stand out and appeal to a variety of emotional triggers. What better way to do this than to relate the artwork back to those consumers, allowing our agency partners and creative clients to really think outside the box for their clients.”

The purchase of the new press is all part of Vee’s vision to invest in capability for the future growth targets it has sets itself. With the HP Indigo press 5500 set to be up and running for the end of April, new and existing clients will be introduced to capability shortly thereafter.

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*GI Direct Research, March 2009.
**PURL – Personalised URL, often used as part of integrated offline & online interaction campaigns.
***www.jperla.com – Blackberry theory of email apathy

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