Unison targets the weakest in "Selfish" strike

UKIP MEP,Godfrey Bloom denounces strike by Unison

[UKPRwire, Wed Mar 29 2006] Godfrey Bloom MEP, the UK Independence Party spokesman on employment today denounced today's strike by Unison as a piece of self indulgence targeted almost directly at the weakest in society.
Mr Bloom said "Of course I agree that everybody has the right to strike, any free born Briton must retain that right, but at the same time any British boss must retain the right to sack those who misuse this right".

"On the day after when the government announced that the average Council tax bill will be 4.5%, almost double the rate of inflation. This selfishness on the part of feather bedded council employees is an insult to the rest of the population", he continued, "The people who will be hardest hit will, of course be pensioners who will be struggling to do their civic duty and pay their taxes".

Digby Anderson of the CBI put it very well when he questioned yesterday, "How can it be fair for a cleaner working in the private sector to subsidise, through their council tax, a more comfortable retirement for someone doing the same job in the public sector?"

"The attempt to claim discrimination over the 85 year rule is a canard", he said, "those who maintain this, the police and the armed forces have very different jobs; they are not allowed to strike, and they put their lives on the line. Soldiers and the police force risk their lives daily for the good of the country. The same cannot be said of a town hall clerk".


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