UK gets chance to vote on EU Referendum

Thanks to a new government initiative, the people of the EU now have and opportunity to demand a referendum on EU membership.

[UKPRwire, Sun Nov 19 2006] An official government site has at long last given the people of Britain a voice on European Union membership. The newly launched site, has already seen a steady increase in web traffic, but the petition catching many pundits eye, is the one on EU membership.

At long last every person on-line can ask for this issue to be sorted once and for all. The majority of Brits are said to be EUsceptic, but even the pro EU LibLabCon party members should jump at this opportunity to bring the issue to a head.

As it is an official government website, the results should be taken seriously, both by the government and the media.

This comes on the back of increased support for two campaigns questioning Britain's role in the EU.

Better Off Out is an all party campaign to release Britain from the corrupt, undemocratic European Union:

Speak Out, is a coalition of British businessmen, who are sick of seeing Britain's economy being strangled by EU red tape:

Matt Davies, a member of UKIP Woking and anti-EU, pro Britain, pro Free-trade campaigner commented:

"This is a great opportunity for all the people of Britain to get this matter firmly on the table. For too long, the people have felt like successive government are not listening, but now there is this great opportunity. While it is a shame that offline methods are not catered for, this still gives many people a chance to send a message to the government. I hope that people on-line, will help their friends and relatives offline to take part!"

Already the petition is ticking over, without any real effort by the various campaign groups or media. If this grassroots support starts getting coverage by both, then the government will have a hard time explaining why the people of Britain can't have their say at long last!


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