UKIP Woking today expressed no satisfaction in being proved right again, that Woking is turning into a battery farm for people. This comes after Woking council announced even more new homes in Victoria way, but no room for parking!

[UKPRwire, Thu Jan 11 2007] UKIP Woking spokesman Matt Davies today made the following statement, after it was revealed that the council, under pressure from unelected and unaccountable SEERA (South East Regional Assembly), had decided to cram in more homes in Victoria way. This with absolutely no thought for the strain put on local amenities and resources.

"UKIP has been warming for years now, that Woking is being turned into an effective battery farm for humans. The EU creation SEERA, is demanding ever more homes be built to cope with unlimited mass immigration from the EU. Because there is so little room, the very least they should be doing is to make parking space a mandatory requirement for builders, but even this is too much for an incompetent council. People are expected to get permits in existing, already full to the brim public parking areas. The quality of life in Woking is rapidly declining, because of the LibLabCon-senus of taking orders from the EU.

While these gutless old parties just do as they are told, they could at least try and soften the blow to the existing residents of Woking. The wellbeing of Woking's public, seems to be the last thing on their minds, as they rush to please their masters from above.

We are constantly bombarded with propaganda that we all need to reduce our energy use, rubbish creation and drive our cars less, yet the government at all levels, driven by the EU, is increasing demand beyond the available capacity of Woking and many other towns in England. Unless we start getting some joined up thinking soon, the damage done to our country will be immense.

UKIP are the only party that has recognised this in Woking. Now that the Conservatives have become "Blue Labour", nothing will change unless people stop voting for this EU loving consensus. You can't trust Woking MP Humfrey Malins on this issue either, as he tells lies on the issue of sovereignty. He will tell you that it is "paramount" that UK elected politicians have the final word on policy, but then says he supports Britain's membership of the EU.

UKIP Woking urge people to send these career merchants a lesson and vote UKIP in the coming local elections."

A UKIP government would return to a controlled system of immigration and give the local people a much greater say in what their towns are like, via binding local referendums. Only by taking back the sovereignty of the nation can this be achieved and only UKIP puts this at the top of its agenda.

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