Trafford Council Leads in Integrated Working Initiative with Online Training

Trafford Council Leads in Integrated Working Initiative with Online Training

[UKPRwire, Fri May 15 2009] Me Learning, a specialist provider of online training for the social care sector, today announced it has signed a two-year contract with Trafford Council Children and Young People’s Service to deliver a suite of tailored online learning courses to 2,500 staff across the council, education, health, police and voluntary and community sector, covering Information Sharing, ContactPoint and Lead Professional.

One of the pre-requisite requirements for ContactPoint is that all practitioners will have received training on Information Sharing and investing in online training will help increase the speed and effectiveness of this process. Estimated figures of 2,500 practitioners will be accessing ContactPoint from Trafford services.

E-learning from Me Learning is part of the Integrated Working Training Programme which is being rolled out to support Trafford’s groundbreaking multi-agency service, which brings together professionals from Health, Education and Social Care. The online solution from Me Learning has enabled Trafford to reach this multi-agency group.

As part of this integrated approach, a review of delivering an integrated training programme was undertaken and e-learning options were considered to be an effective training tool to support classroom training.

Trafford expects the Me Learning training to decrease learning time and costs while increasing learning effectiveness and consistency, allowing practitioners to work more effectively and collaboratively.

Cathy Atherton, Interim Manager for Service Development at Trafford Council CYPS, manages a number of the DCSF Projects including Integrated Children’s System, ContactPoint, Information Sharing, Common Assessment Framework and local E-CAF.
“We considered several products, but chose Me Learning because of its flexibility in tailoring the online courses to suit our Integrated Working training Programme. We expect 2,500 practitioners across Trafford to be using online training modules over the next two years.”

The Me Learning courses are made available to all of Trafford’s multi-agency partners through a hosted and managed learning portal that tracks user activity and awards certificates. Me Learning worked closely with Trafford to tailor the portal and courses to Trafford’s branding and exact course specifications.

Nick Richards, Head of Business Development, Me Learning, said: “We are delighted to be working with Trafford, one of the most progressive and inclusive councils in the UK. We continuously update our courses, so as new Government guidelines and legislation are introduced, councils like Trafford can stay at the forefront of social care. We recommend a mixture of group-based classroom tuition and independent online learning, as although classroom training is an effective training method, time and money is often wasted through its inflexibility. Our users can take online courses in their own time; have no need to travel and complete courses faster because they only take relevant modules. Online training also increases knowledge retention by 250% compared with classroom training because users can revisit course content whenever they need a refresher and can take the courses at their own pace, for more effective learning.”

Initial Results
Since the first round of training in December 2008, over 200 practitioners have taken and passed the Me Learning online training courses to supplement Trafford’s classroom training sessions on ContactPoint and Information Sharing. Agencies that have taken the Me Learning training so far include: Social Workers, Health Visitors, Connexions PA’s, the Police, Youth Service, Youth Offending Service, Children’s Centres, Schools, School Support Service, Sensory Impairment Support, Housing, Voluntary and Community Support, Early Years, and CAMHS.

Cathy Atherton commented on the feedback already received from practitioners: “Initial feedback has been very positive, that the system is “easy to use” and that “the interactivity of the courses generates more interest in learning”. A significant benefit of the training is that users can retake each course or module until they pass, so they can be awarded a certificate for a course that they may have failed previously. Furthermore, making mistakes actually improves knowledge retention, so being able to fail without repercussions or public embarrassment results in more effective learning.”

Me Learning’s courses are currently deployed by 20% of the UK’s Local Authorities that have a social care responsibility, in order to cost-effectively and consistently educate any professional whose work involves the care of children and adults, including social care workers, health workers and those in the education, law enforcement, community and voluntary sectors. The training provides users with the guidance to follow the right processes, protocols and legislation, and importantly explains the rationale behind these. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for both children and adults with additional needs and prevent the current spate of tragic deaths from known child abuse cases.

Regarding future projects, Trafford is working with Me Learning to develop a Safeguarding Children Module.

About Trafford
Trafford is situated in the North West region of Great Britain. This is considered to be the most dynamic region in the UK (outside London and the South East). The area is a hotspot for business, jobs, leisure and education.

Trafford is part of Greater Manchester; Trafford, one of the ten metropolitan councils making up the Greater Manchester area, is a borough of considerable diversity. Industry, commerce, towns and villages blend together and affluence and deprivation sit side-by-side. There exist areas of significant social deprivation, which are linked to higher incidences of crime and disorder, health inequalities, barriers to higher education and employment opportunities. This area is extremely diverse in its mix of population, patterns of employment and levels of deprivation. Trafford’s total population is 211,800 of which 52,548 are children and young people aged 0-19 years.

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About Me Learning
Me Learning provides Local Authorities with online training tools to ensure all professionals involved in social care are fully informed, working together and following the latest national guidelines, protocols and legislation. Me Learning’s government-compliant and engaging computer-based courses cut through the ever-changing red tape, providing an all encompassing future-proof resource to help social care professionals continue to carry out their roles effectively and cooperatively.

The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for both children and adults with additional needs. Lord Laming conducted the Climbié inquiry in 2003 to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of Victoria Climbié and to recommend action to prevent such a tragedy happening again. However, in April 2008 Lord Laming commented: “I have yet to be convinced there is uniformly good practice across the country.” Furthermore, government regulator the General Social Care Council (GSCC) has suggested social workers need further training post-qualification to deal with an increasing number of “complex and risky” cases such as Baby P, for which they needed greater expertise.

Me Learning provides both off-the-shelf and tailored courses covering key elements of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ programme run by the DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families). It is the only provider of online training courses for two of the leading ICS (Integrated Children’s System) software suppliers: OLM and Liquidlogic. 20% of the UK’s Local Authorities that have a social care responsibility are already using Me Learning’s cost-efficient courses, ranging from Essex County Council’s purchase of the MePROTOCOL ICS suite for its own ICS roll-out to over 1,200 staff, to Manchester City Council’s purchase of Me Learning’s Information Sharing and ContactPoint courses to train 3000 people on the ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ programme.

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Course Options

The Me Learning courses are split into two types: those for training social care workers in the use of their Local Authority’s social care systems; and those that support the key elements of the Government’s Every Child Matters: Change for Children programme by providing the latest national guidelines, protocols and legislation, which all people involved in social care need to be aware of.

For Social Care Workers:
- Integrated Children’s System (ICS) Training: ICS is designed to be supported by an electronic case record system which provides a complete view of children in their care and forms the basis of every social care practitioner’s working processes. Typically, although staff may receive training on the operation of a new system, they are not always fully conversant with the ICS process itself. Me Learning has therefore developed a comprehensive suite of online training courses to both educate social care workers and relevant support staff in the ICS processes and show how to correctly record information in the case record system.
- Adult Care Training: Me Learning provides training to support OLM’s CareFirst and Liquidlogic’s PROTOCOL IAS adult’s software.

For all agencies involved in social care including social care workers:
- Every Child Matters Training: The courses for all professionals involved in social care are based on key elements of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ programme, which aims to encourage integrated working among agencies and enable early intervention and improvement for children with additional needs. There are also plans for a national database, ContactPoint, with the aim of aiding integrated working. Ensuring relevant staff are fully conversant with the process, policies and legislation will ultimately help towards preventing the current spate of deaths from known child abuse cases. Me Learning’s Every Child Matters (Me ECM) courses ensure all agencies understand the processes and legislation that shape social care in the UK and how they personally fit into the integrated working process. Courses include: Information Sharing, ContactPoint, Lead Professional and CAF (Common Assessment Framework).

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