Tony Blair's Sellout To Europe Hammered

The question was always going to be when will the British wake up and make a stand against the European Mandarins and campaign for a Referendum in order to decide the future destiny of the UK and control of its borders.

[UKPRwire, Thu Mar 01 2007] Major businessmen have launched a huge hard hitting "Speakout" press campaign aimed at forcing the UK Government to hold a national referendum geared to returning seven vital rights and powers from the grip of unelected European Union Commissioners in Brussels, to our own elected Parliament.

The campaign, wrong footing the Government, and much of the media, commenced with a full page advertisement in the Daily Telegraph clearly targeting businesses and communities with a view to gathering support.

On the political front it appears the Popular Alliance are the only Political Party seriously advocating a referendum to enable the nation to decide the future of the United Kingdom.

Popular Alliance Leader Brian Buxton, has said:

"We are extremely concerned with the "cavalier" attitude of the UK Government who seem hell bent on handing control of the UK to the European Manadarins as quickly as possible - the utter contempt they display to the UK electorate is quite disgusting, and we fully support the Speakout campaign"

Speakout is a non-party political, people’s movement, campaigning for a nationwide referendum on returning seven vital rights and powers from the grip of unelected European Union Commissioners in Brussels, to our own elected Parliament.

They state:

"88 % of the British people want a referendum on getting control of our borders back from Brussels.

If you are one of them - join Speakout and make your voice heard.

We will not be ignored like the 1.7 million road pricing protesters.

We are drawing up a constituency-by-constituency map of our supporters across the country.

Candidates and sitting MPs who refuse to back our demand for a referendum on returning border controls and other key powers will not get our supporters' votes.

That way Speakout could decide the outcome of the next General Election: votes are the only currency the politicians trade in.

So, if the politicians want your vote, make them give you the vote.

Demand a referendum NOW".

Integration marches on...
Although the French and Dutch voters said 'No' to the proposed EU constitution, the unelected Commissioners in Brussels are pressing ahead with plans for deeper and deeper integration.

The Free Movement of People directive was subject to no debate in the House of Commons and no vote, but discussed in a secretive, and largely ineffective, group of mostly Labour MPs, called the European Scrutiny Committee. This Directive renders Britain – and all the other 27 once sovereign nation states that now comprise the EU - effectively borderless provinces in a new country called Europe. The massive influx of migrant workers is now causing acute strains on the Education, Health and Housing Services of the UK.

Already, the framework of the rejected Constitution is under construction brick by brick, clause by clause, as if the 'No' votes never happened.
The fact that 13 of the 25 member states, including mighty Cyprus, Malta and Luxemburg, have said 'Yes', is enough for the Commissioners to carry on regardless.

Meanwhile, politics watchers, will have noticed the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) UKIP tearing themselves apart in a frenzy of self destruction with the latest news being the suspension of MEP Tom Wise. Three other MEPs have been reported as likely to leave a party with huge financial problems being alleged. It has also been reported that UKIP don’t want disabled candidates to represent their organisation - quite farcical.

The Speakout website can be found here and supporters can download leaflets, and template letters to MP's and MEP's designed to pressure them into listening to the people and not their political masters.

They are likely to get considerable support from a long suffering British public!


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