Terberg Matec UK Ltd. return to Futuresource with additional stand space for 2010 aiming to build on

Silver Zone stands M20 and N20 are set to showcase new and exciting innovations from Terberg’s diverse product portfolio, in particular, stand M20 will represent a very different product from the Terberg design team in the shape of the KTZ Underground and Over-ground Waste Collection and Transportation system.

[UKPRwire, Tue May 11 2010] Terberg’s KTZ system offers a safe, reliable one-man operation solution for the collection of street and domestic waste or recyclables. The system provides a range of underground and over-ground containers that are designed to work in harmony with the KTZ collection vehicle. The KTZ system offers a safe alternative to an RCV and crane as the container emptying operation is a controlled vertical lift into the KTZ body whilst auto-extending safety arms cordon off the working area. The KTZ vehicle offers excellent load distribution and the range of containers available for the system are sealed to prevent leachate escaping.
The KTZ system offers excellent whole life costs and cost effective infrastructure when compared with underground vacuum systems and other systems that might require electrical power to each container. The opening of KTZ system containers during collection is powered directly from the KTZ vehicle’s energy point negating the need for the installation of power from street supplies, clearly minimizing the installation cost and complexity.
Source segregation of food and recyclables
Local authorities and private organisations looking for cost-effective solutions to simultaneously collect food waste and dry recyclables could do worse than visiting stand N20 to experience Terberg’s single vehicle solution, the Kerbsider® Combi TD.

Offering complete, “at the kerbside” segregation of food waste and dry recyclable factions, the Kerbsider® Combi TD is the choice of many local authorities in the UK and has proved itself times over to provide a single vehicle solution for collection duties that might ordinarily require two vehicles and crews. The Kerbsider® Combi TD minimises cross contamination and maximises faction quality by keeping their collection separate at source in contrast to the inherent difficulties often associated with co-mingled collections and subsequent MRF sorting.

Efficient kerbside collection of dry recyclables is offered via the Kerbsider® body, whilst food waste collection is performed by the leak-proof Combi TD unit that is mounted between the cab and Kerbsider® body and is designed to collect loose/bagged food waste in accordance with ABP EC regulation no. 1774/2002.

eco-Pump returns with the OmniDE
Launched at last years Futuresource, Terberg’s emission reducing eco-Pump binlift power source solution returns this year paired with their latest fully automatic, high level OmniDE binlift on stand N20.

The combination has proved successful in field trials to reduce the fuel used by a binlift by over 50% equating to a saving per RCV per year of 4,700 kgs of CO2 with the added reassurance of a time proven, robust and reliable Terberg binlift. Given such demonstrable and consistent results, local authorities specifying the eco-Pump system are able to outline tangible objectives for CO2 emission reductions in their submissions for the National Indicator 185 (NI185).

Terberg’s eco-Pump, unlike conventional hydraulic power supply systems, has a built-in intelligence to deliver only as much hydraulic power as is needed to lift the load presented to the bin lift ensuring that energy is not wasted and therefore fuel is not wasted.
The hydraulic power delivered to the bin lift by eco-Pump is based on the actual weight of the bin and its contents, not by the physical size or type of bin.
With eco-Pump the load on the RCV engine is minimal and does not require increased revs for bin lift operation, all of which adds up to significant reduction in noise pollution, great news for householders who like a lie in!

eco-pump is available fitted from new as part of a bin lift system or as a retro-upgrade to the complete range of bin lifts supplied by Terberg.
Optionally, the eco-Pump can be configured with a feature that makes it possible to lift and empty wheeled containers with the RCV engine turned off resulting in practically silent operation without combustion of fuel.

The OmniDE binlift comes as standard with several safety benefits including a unique geometry to eliminate bin ‘kick out’, folding safety arms, optional underwalk protection, bin presence and security sensors and a controlled ‘gravity down’ bin return cycle that significantly reduces the likelihood of injury.
Live demonstrations of the eco-Pump and OmniDE binlift will be available on request.

Visitors to the Terberg stand will also be able to see Terberg’s ‘muni’ solutions demonstrated live on stand N20 with muniROUND round management systems, muniTRACK fleet trackers and muniDATA data analysis and reporting solutions offering modular telematic solutions for collection duties.

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