The City of the Hague are now live with a new, upgraded, version of CPORTAL, the e-Government search engine from OCLC PICA. The upgrade, to CPORTAL 2.0, enhances the search service available to users of the website. Using the new version, CPORTAL administrators can control the relevance ranking across the whole of the results set: they can simultaneously specify a preference for results from particular data sets, and achieve query responses in less than half a second.

[UKPRwire, Fri Jun 09 2006] This breakthrough is achieved by using Open Archive Initiative – Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) technology to harvest the data from the customer’s OLIB library catalogue. This means that response times for searches, which used to take 4-5 seconds, are now achieved in under a second. This is irrespective of where the information is held, even in a library catalogue. But CPORTAL 2.0 has a further twist – each database searched can be calibrated uniquely, so that the order of results can be fine-tuned.

The City of the Hague chose CPORTAL in 2003. It integrates their council web site, the library catalogue, web databases and PDFs using both metadata and full text. Finding information is made easier by adding relevant terms to the users’ queries, which reduces the number of zero hits, and because users are always presented with a consistently branded interface.

CPORTAL is able to harvest and index both structured metadata and unstructured full text from databases, websites, text documents and PDFs. This capability to understand data structures means that the richness of content is not lost, metadata is not swamped by full-text keyword searching and more accurate advanced searches can be performed.

The City of the Hague is the third-largest city in the Netherlands - nearly 2 million people visit the site each year, and a quarter of those use the search engine.
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