MP TV: Celia Barlow Launches Local Labour Channel On International IPTV Platform

Celia Barlow MP, Labour Member of Parliament, Hove and Portslade, East Sussex, launches her own channel on the international Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV) IPTV platform.

[UKPRwire, Thu Nov 27 2008] Celia Barlow MP, Labour Member of Parliament, Hove and Portslade, East Sussex, launches her own channel on the international Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV) IPTV platform. Celia Barlow TV is included in the UK Something TV service and GDBTV’s Go TV UK portal; in addition to plans for the channel to become accessible via Celia’s own website, which was shortlisted for the British Computer Society (BCS) MP Website Awards 2008.

Celia has been working closely with East Sussex based GDBTV since being introduced to the company and its technology in the summer of 2007, including making contact between GDBTV and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), where she holds the position of Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ian Pearson MP, Minister of State for Science and Innovation in the new DIUS; and taking company co-director and co-founder, Mr. David Wray, to Downing Street in May 2008 in order to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown and present the ground-breaking GDBTV technology platform.

As a former television news editor and producer, who has run the BBC’s TV news desk in London and covered international stories, including the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China alongside Kate Adie, Celia has a particular interest in the evolution of broadcast media. Additionally, Celia’s work as a lecturer in further education has led to her support of GDBTV’s Educast educational project, whereby the platform and technology are being offered to schools, colleges and universities in the UK in order to complement existing media courses.

David Wray, GDBTV, says: “As a Sussex-based company, pioneering local channels, our doors have always been open to the local council. Celia’s enthusiasm and encouragement has been fantastic; and we are happy to support all the work she is doing for the local community by extending our services to help her launch her own channel on our network.”

The free to view, on-demand Celia Barlow TV channel provides an added way for the MP to communicate with her constituents and includes videos of her recent activities. Programmes include interviews with Ministers, such as questioning Rt Hon James Purness MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, about the concerns of local people; community updates such as the Easthill Park Activity Day, which covers the importance of local parks; and Celia’s House of Commons question and answer sessions.

Lisa Buckingham, office manager for Celia, explains: “IPTV provides a simple way for anyone to create television; and GDBTV’s technology is very easy to use and incredibly effective. We chose their platform because they are a successful and well established local company.”

Celia concludes: “The launch of my own television channel through GDBTV provides a great opportunity to communicate with my constituents in a different way. Internet television and IPTV are becoming increasingly important and I’m really pleased to be able to take part in it. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting more videos on what I’ve been up to locally and in Parliament.”

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About Celia Barlow MP:
Celia Barlow is Labour Member of Parliament, Hove and Portslade, East Sussex and has been involved in politics since a young age, joining the Labour Party when she was sixteen. Before becoming an MP, Celia worked as a television reporter, editor and producer; and also as a lecturer in further education. She fought her first general election campaign as the Labour candidate for Chichester in 2001 and won her Hove and Portslade seat in 2005 with a majority of 420 votes. Celia is also currently Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ian Pearson MP, Minister of State for Science and Innovation in the new Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills; and has also been a member of the Environmental Audit and Procedure Select Committees. She has served on standing committees for the Equality Bill; the Police and Justice Bill; the Finance Bill; the Statistics Bill; and, more recently, served on the Education and Skills Committee.

About Global Digital Broadcast:
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