Further Evidence Of "Battery Farm Woking"

UKIP Woking have added their support for a 568 signature petition by residents of Old Woking, who oppose cramming further people into Ryden's Way and are asking for adequate parking instead.

[UKPRwire, Fri Jan 12 2007] UKIP Spokesman Matt Davies, today made the following statement after a 568 signature petition was handed in, requesting that land owned by Surrey County council be used for parking for the benefit of existing residents, instead of trying to cram even more people in.

"Once again, the residents of Woking are under siege from the people who are supposed to represent them. This area of Woking desperately requires more facilities for existing residents, not even more people crammed into it.
While local councils have had many powers stripped away from them,with most of it centralised so that local democracy is little more than a sham now, there are still a few powers left for councilors who haven't forgotten what they were elected to do. This planning permission can be denied, on the basis of it adversely effecting existing residents.

UKIP Woking calls on councilors to put their careers in politics second for a change and support the people who elected them.
Woking is fortunate enough to have seen Labour wiped out, but still has the threat of Blue Labour and Yellow Labour pushing the exact same policies through.

We just hope the councilors look in the mirror and remember what they were elected to do, which is to represent the peoples wishes, not tell them how to live their lives!"

UKIP Woking have been opposed to the over-development of Woking for some time, especially when no thought for existing residents and infrastructure is made. It lays the blame firmly at the feet of SEERA (South East Regional Assembly), which is unelected and was put in place as part of an EU plan to control the area. All of the old parties, the LibLabCon-sensus, have helped this to happen without making the public at large aware.

The fact that unlimited, uncontrolled, mass EU immigration is the underlying cause for this all, just shows the LibLabCon-sensus up even more.


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