The Vampire Wedding Flash Mob

Aspiring vampires gather for a flash mob event in London

[UKPRwire, Wed Oct 12 2011] It is time for Castalides Pictures to bring the vampire contestants from the virtuality of the net to the reality of the streets with the FLASH MOB which will be held at the entrance of the MCM EXPO Comic Con on 29th October from 14:00 to 15:00.

The very first cross media global vampire casting campaign launched by Castalides Pictures proved to be a success, gaining thousands of LIKES on its Facebook fan page, with hundreds of people posting their photos to be shortlisted as vampire characters in the comic series or in the movie Vampire Wedding.

Boosted by the success of the vampire revival (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Trueblood, only to mention a few), contestants from all over the world have joined the Facebook competition on

Now, for the first time, this blood thirsty horde finds its prophet and guide: Castalides Pictures invites everyone to join the Vampire Wedding Flash Mob in London, on Saturday 29th October from 2pm to 3pm at the entrance of the MCM Expo Comic Con (a VW representative with a t-shirt will be there).

Aspiring vampires can register on and get ready to show up dressed as vampires, vampire grooms & brides, or vampire flower girls.

All Vampire Wedding fans will be given the chance to meet with the Vampire Wedding team at the Comic Con and to be taken pictures to post on Facebook and on the Vampire Wedding website ( to be considered for a role in the comic book or in the movie, or just to have fun and show the photos to their friends.
People who will not be able to be in London can still take part by send their photos to on 29th October or simply posting them on the VAMPIRE WEDDING Facebook wall.

Aspiring vampires can also take and post their pictures via the iPhone VampCast App,

Do not forget to mention your favourite Vampire Wedding characters and which one you would like to play, in order to join the Vampire Wedding Casting Competition.

The winners will:

- Become the vampire of the week on the Vampire Wedding website as well as on the Facebook fan page where a banner with their picture will be published

- Become immortal by having their very own character drawn as a vampire in the artwork of the Vampire Wedding comic book

- Play a vampire in Vampire Wedding film.
The more artistic, creative and fun loving aspiring vampires, can have some extra fun by making their very own VAMPIRE WEDDING mini-movie and posting it on VW Facebook wall and YouTube channel.


Vampire Wedding is a romantic horror comic mini-series and upcoming film created by Robert Huttinger and produced by Castalides Pictures' directors Robert Huttinger and Francesca Lombardo.
Robert Huttinger is a writer, producer and creator of high concept TV series and motion pictures such as best-selling RTL action TV series Cobra 11, and Cops 2000. He also has a romantic comedy film in production - Kiss the Frog - produced by Michael London (Sideways, Get Smart, Milk, The Informant) with Katie Holmes attached for the lead role

The pages of the comic are pencilled, inked and coloured by Eduardo Barreto, a top artist from DC Comics and Marvel Comics who has worked on The New Teen Titans, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Marvel Knights, Aliens vs. Predators and Indiana Jones.
The cover art of the comic was created by Franke, an illustrator from Vienna. He has worked for production companies all over the world, doing political cartoons, comics, tattoo designs and record covers, to name a few.

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