Sexy Dreams 3D Sets a new Standard in Adult Sex Games

Style Software aims to raise the bar of quailty in the adult software industry. Using state of the art High Definition 3D game boards and customised adult game play, Sexy Dreams 3D aims to be the adult software of choice for 2010.

[UKPRwire, Sat Aug 21 2010] Style Software has just released version 4.2 of their adult sex game, Sexy Dreams 3D. This version includes some new and very interesting features which expand on the already successful Sexy Dreams 3D series. One of the most notably new features in this update is the use of high definition (HD) game board textures which allows Sexy Dreams 3D to be played on HDTV's without any loss in quality.

Sexy Dreams 3D is one of the first adult sex games which hopes to make the leap from the PC monitor to the TV screen. Style Software believes that this ideal is very important in an age where most games are played on consoles. The PC needs games which are HD ready if it is going to secede in the future market.
Sexy Dreams 3D is an adult game for couples, players take turns traveling around the 3D game board and purchasing properties they land on. If a player lands on another player's property they have a choice of either paying rent or performing a sexy desire for the owner of that property. There are various ways in which a game can end and it is up to the players to choose.

Sexy Dreams 3D allows players to use various sex toys and household items during in the game though the use of desires built into the game. Players can also create their own desires using the free desires editor included in Sexy Dreams 3D. This level of customization is hard to find in any other adult game of this genre.
Style Software is a small adult games company formed in 2001 by Wesley Ellis. The company is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK.

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