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Entertainment: Friday the 13th at 12h13

Friday the 13th at 12h13

THE TREASURE TUBE, the first international treasure hunt, is offering a complete participation kit to the first 52 people who sign up at

[UKPRwire, Thu Nov 12 2009] Starting Friday the 13th at 12h13 (GMT), the first 52 people to sign up through will receive a tube for participation in THE TREASURE TUBE, the world’s biggest ever treasure hunt.For the price of about £78 (€87.10) + shipping costs, this kit is the key to solving the puzzles for carrying off the treasure estimated at roughly £900,000.

Does this Friday the 13th have a special aura?
More than anyone else, the creators of THE TREASURE TUBE believe in the power of numbers and in superstitions: THE TREASURE TUBE is a search for treasure inspired by the visual codes of pirates from long ago.

This 3rd Friday the 13th of the year 2009 (very rare indeed) will allow the first lucky 52 persons to sign up at to try their luck in an adventure and, who knows, to quickly break out as the head of the pack in solving the first puzzles?
Take heed: the counter starts at 12h13!

The Treasure Tube, an entirely visual and universal treasure hunt
THE TREASURE TUBE is inspired by visual codes of pirates from long ago. Not knowing how to read or write, they used visual reference points to remember the hiding places where they buried their bounty. You don’t have to know a lot of languages: imagination, shrewdness, and astuteness are your best friends in deciphering the three codes hidden in the works of art, composed of two series of numbers and one series of letters.

To join the game, each participant must first get the tube containing the treasure maps, for sale exclusively through The tube contains life-size reproductions of two paintings by the artist Michel Becker and three cards on tracing paper on which the artist has concealed three secret codes. The rules of the game are simple: be the first to discover the three codes. To do so, you have to solve a series of visual puzzles with the help of clues. These clues are regularly revealed on the website, and they allow all participants to validate their theories and to advance in their quest.

The two paintings signed by Michel Becker: "Children’s games" and "Light and shadows" + the three cards of visual puzzles: Pictures available on request

A novel idea for a treasure hunt which brings together the classical art of painting with new media:
The Treasure Tube is based on a revolutionary concept that allows anyone to search for treasure under identical conditions, without constraints of language, time, or space. The design essentially is based on the use of the Internet and other new media, which for the first time allow a complete treasure hunt game without going out into the field. There is no need to go outside. All the clues are regularly revealed on the Internet, in order to be instantaneously accessible to everyone everywhere in the world. The Treasure Tube thus proposes the creation of new connections between the classical art of painting and new information technologies.

The kit for participating in the treasure hunt of The Treasure Tube is on sale exclusively through the website at the unit price of about £78 (€87.10) + shipping costs. The kit consists of life-size reproductions of two original works by Michel Becker (1 m x 1 m) and the three cards on tracing paper.

You could win an estate worth € 1,000,000 – about £900,000

A manor at Argentat in the Dordogne valley
The Argentat area is located between Limousin, Auvergne, and Quercey, where the Dordogne leaves deep gorges to settle into a small plain bound by wooded hills.

* A manor with a distinctive personality built at the beginning of the 20th century
* 20 rooms spread over 4 stories
* More than 6,400 sq² of living space
* A private park of 24,700 sq²

An apartment in Paris
* Ideally located in a quiet neighbourhood in the 19th arrondissement
* A cosy Parisian apartment of 480 sq² with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom
* A balcony of 100 sq² overlooking an interior garden

All about The Treasure Tube
The Treasure Tube, designed in May 2009 by the MSL Shares Company and Michel Becker, is a new type of treasure hunt. It involves an international game of shrewdness, based on solving three entirely visual puzzles. The puzzles to be solved are hidden in the reproductions of the two original paintings completed by the French artist Michel Becker. These reproductions are used as maps on which three pieces of tracing paper may be superimposed in order to find the solution code. The Treasure Tube will end on the day on which one player has been declared the winner, or at the latest by December 31st, 2015. The grand prize at stake consists of a manor in Dordogne and an apartment in Paris, with a total estimated value of 1 million euro.

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Media contacts
Maria Diviney
+44 (0)208 133 3140

Meriem Djazouli
+44 (0)208 133 3140

Company: The Treasure Tube
Contact Name: Maria Diviney
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Contact Phone: +44 (0)208 133 3140
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