Wisplurkers – Children Driven Fiction Fantasy Launches on the Web

Somewhere deep in the web a new and scary phenomenon is stirring and poised to capture the minds of children everywhere.

[UKPRwire, Wed Nov 07 2007] Somewhere deep in the web a new and scary phenomenon is stirring and poised to capture the minds of children everywhere. Wisplurkers (www.wisplurkers.net), a new children’s book by author ‘Maggie C’, is being published online as an interactive experience where young readers can shape the characters and storyline as the adventure unfolds.

Episodes of Wisplurkers are now being published regularly in draft format as short blog posts and downloadable pages. Readers are invited to comment on the stories as they appear in draft and so influence the characters and storyline before it is finalised as a published book. All readers suggesting ideas that are used will be credited in the printed book.

The blog format encourages comment and all readers can see the discussions about the storyline and characters and join in if they wish. Passive readers who just want to enjoy the story are welcome too. Readers can also sign up to be sent episodes by email as they are published on the blog/website. Importantly, children can email the writer, ‘Maggie C’, as well as posting comments about particular episodes.

In the early episodes, the Wisplurkers have revealed themselves as shadowy ghost like creatures inhabiting an eerie disused telephone exchange. Three young boys, Matt, Toby and Lloyd have played a game of dare. Each one shows great bravado as they each make excuses as to why they will not enter the spooky building. Eventually, Alf Grimley, the night watchman, scares off the boys only to find him locked in a more terrifying encounter.

Author Maggie C. explains, “Recent book successes in the children’s genre prove kids are still very much into reading as well as computers and gadgets. More than this, they want to join in and ‘own’ their space be it on the web or elsewhere. The Wisplurkers concept combines book, computer/web, interaction and exclusivity into an adventure space where the child’s creativity can run riot.”

“Readers of all ages are welcome and the interactive project does lend itself well to use by groups of readers such as school and youth groups, to discuss the stories and plot,” concluded Maggie C.

Episodes of Wisplurkers are on www.wisplurkers.net.

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Note to Editors
Maggie C is a published author and scriptwriter who is deliberately keeping her identity anonymous until the project is complete.

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Contact Email: enquiries@zipcreativelicensing.com

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