Wanda Pipen Selected as Study Artist by School near Manchester, England

Wanda Pipen, an internationally acclaimed and collected contemporary artist currently living in the south part of Oregon, USA, has been selected as a study artist by South Chadderton School in Manchester, England. Chosen as a favored artist by the students and because of her impressive online presence, Pipen is now inspiring these children throughout the year in their art classes.

[UKPRwire, Fri May 22 2009] Wanda Pipen’s international acclaim grows as students from South Chadderton School near Manchester, England have chosen to study her and her nature-based paintings.

Wanda Pipen, an internationally collected artist, was recently chosen by the students of South Chadderton School near Manchester, England, as the artist they would most like to study. Pipen works from studio based in southern Oregon in the United States. Her work is a tangible expression of trees, leaves, blossoms, and bark as she creates her incredible paintings with palette knives and acrylic paint. The finished results almost has a sculptured feel. This was the primary draw for many of the South Chadderton School art students. Here is part of a correspondence between Katharine, the student’s teacher, and Pipen:

“Pupils started with researching your work and your style in their sketchbooks, they then went on to using a variety of media to record nature, producing graffitti stick drawings, rubbings and various printing techniques. From these studies they will look closely at your application of paint, use a view finder to select an interesting composition and begin their painting.”

During regular conversations via the internet, Pipen answers the children’s questions about her techniques, inspirations, and most important, “why nature?” Pipen replied to the students through “study wiz,” the school’s learning website about why she has chosen nature as the basis for many of her truly incredible paintings:

“. . . We live in an amazing world with lots of wonderful things to touch and see. I love to bring that to people and bring all of that wondrousness indoors. Life affirming art is what I produce and want to leave on the planet. There is plenty of darkness, sadness and sorrow in our world. I am aiming to contribute joy and beauty to the world. . . that is how I believe I am suppose to use my gift.”

The study of Pipen and her inspired work is to continue through the school year for the students. As a final project, these young artists will create their own masterpiece, using many of the techniques learned from studying Pipen and her artwork. It will be interesting to see their interpretations of this very talented artist.

About Wanda Pipen
Wanda Pipen has been showcased at a number of galleries up and down the west coast. Her Impressionist style is colorful, textured, and inspired. For more information on Wanda Pipen and her paintings, visit www.wandawonders.com


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