Tutors International launches course ideal for students taking a gap year before applying to univers

This year, the admissions process for university is changing, with the introduction of the 'adjustment period'. Tutors Internationalís new course is designed to benefit students delaying their application until after final A-level results are known to avoid uncertainty

[UKPRwire, Tue May 19 2009] Tutors International announces the introduction of new courses that are designed to benefit students aspiring to the UK's top universities, including students planning to take a gap year before applying to university. The intensive residential courses, held in a variety of locations around the world, are ideal for students wishing to improve their chances at selection without being dependent on predicted grades or the introduction of the 'adjustment period' to the UK university admissions process this year. The courses are designed to stretch the student physically and academically, with a focus around a specific project, such as studying the destruction of coral reefs in Thailand. For more information, visit www.tutors-international.com or call +44 (0) 1865 435 135.

The courses are designed to give students ample opportunities to showcase their independence, desire to experience new challenges and adaptability, within a supportive yet challenging environment. Academic tuition can be provided alongside the outdoor activities, thereby giving students the opportunity to gain additional qualifications at the same time. "This is a timely launch, in light of the changes to the UK university admissions process this year," commented Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International. "Whilst change is welcome, as it's clear that basing placements on predicted grades is a flawed system, the 'adjustment period' is only an interim measure. I anticipate that it will cause real strain on the system and a great deal of uncertainty for the students; I just don't see how the places will exist for the students attempting to upgrade their offers." The 'adjustment period' is a 5 day window after results have been published, in which students who have achieved better results than predicted will have the opportunity to 'upgrade' their offer to one at a more prestigious university.

When asked why the new courses will be beneficial to students taking a gap year, Adam replied; "It's so hard for universities to differentiate between the top level students now. Many are applying with 5 predicted A grades and achieving those predicted results. For the students who are unhappy with the predicted grades, it can be an incredibly stressful time, so I would suggest that students from affluent families who don't have the predicted grades necessary for their target place should delay application. That way all the pressure of predictions and applications is alleviated, they can work hard to get the results and retake where necessary. In the gap year they can focus on making their applications more appealing to the top universities who are choosing from the very best. If a student not only has the very best grades, but also has demonstrated that they are keen to experience new challenges through one of our courses, their chances of winning the top university places are so much higher."

About Tutors International
Tutors International is a worldwide organization providing experienced private tutors to work with children of all ages and nationalities. Tutors are available for full-time tutoring positions, for major support and tutoring outside school hours, or for home-schooling.

Tutors International provide tutors in a wide variety of situations from helping students re-take critical exams, helping pupils with the transition of moving between international school systems, and supporting youngsters with AD/HD and dyslexia. They provide a bespoke service to find the right tutor that suits the child's needs and aspirations, and if a live-in tutor is required, it is essential that the assigned tutor is the right match for the family and fits in the environment.

Tutors International was founded by Adam Caller who has tutored students of all ages. He has received specialist training in dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder and is very sensitive to children's educational difficulties. He has now turned this expertise to recruiting, training and placing other tutors to help families.

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