Improving attainment - new era 'learning tool' from Autology

Autology intelligently matches learning resources to an individual students’ needs and ‘pushes’ them to their desktop in real-time

[UKPRwire, Sun Dec 02 2007] Improving attainment is top of the agenda on stand L9 where Autology will be launching a ground-breaking new learning tool that ‘pushes’ multi-media information (text, picture, video and sound) appropriate to a student’s age, ability and aptitude to their desk top as they are working.

Autology takes personalised learning to new heights, using implicit querying (IQ) technology to ‘push’ to the user only the most relevant information from a rich selection of sources from over 12,000 credible URLs, 300 text books and a school’s individual resources. Time wasted searching through hundreds of irrelevant sites and resources “pulled” to the user by search engines is eliminated, so engaging students, developing their analysis and evaluation skills and keeping them on task.

Autology is very simple to use. Students simply type in a question and choose their age group and Autology will provide a rich bank of the very best resources for their Key Stage and the curriculum they are following. Pupils can view the whole document or a version where the key points are highlighted so providing a summary at a glance.

The underlying technology, developed in Cambridge, is a hugely successful management application used by more than 16,000 global organisations, including BAE Systems, Ford, Ericsson, and Sun Microsystems. Autology pushes information tailored to the user, from major publishers such as Heinemann, Letts/Lonsdale and Encyclopaedia Britannica. This powerful new learning tool has received critical acclaim from schools throughout the UK trialling the technology.

When pupils start to compose text, Autology identifies the central topic and starts to collect references that they can access while they are writing. As soon as the icons on the Autology toolbar light up, they know that resources have arrived. These links change while the pupil is writing, following their train of thought, so no two learners will necessarily receive the same bank of reference material.

Pupils now use the web as a prime source of information but much of the material is irrelevant to classroom study so they can waste a lot of time and easily become distracted. Autology keeps learners on task as it only provides materials which link directly to the syllabus. It also eliminates the worry of pupils accessing unsuitable information or materials which have been created for US markets.

David Black, Chief Executive of Autology, said: “Learning using Autology will be highly individualised - a voyage of discovery unique to each learner. The materials are differentiated and can provide extra support for pupils who have missed work or who are experiencing difficulties. Autology will provide carefully tailored, relevant resources within a ‘walled garden’ to keep students safe and teachers can upload their own digital content too. For as little as £20 per student per year, schools can make sure that all students will have access to all the resources they need, whether at school or at home.”

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