Broker offers tips for students on keeping car insurance premiums low.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services says that the quickest way for a student to slash an insurance premium is to take an extra driving course or qualification.

[UKPRwire, Tue Jun 16 2009] Students who want lower motoring costs should start driving early and get proper, qualified tuition from the outset, says Adrian Flux Insurance Services. Bad habits picked up early in your driving life will increase driving costs and be harder to shake off later.

As young drivers, students are likely to find that once they've passed their test the biggest running cost is insurance. Indeed, a first car is often much cheaper to buy than to insure for a year. But Flux warns against being tempted by a cheap, high-powered car: one with a performance engine that looks a bargain could cost two or three times as much to insure as a low-performance version of the same model.

Flux says that the quickest way for a student to slash an insurance premium is to take an extra driving course or qualification. The company now has a scheme offering a discount of up to 30% for drivers who've done the 'Pass Plus' test ( Drivers can take Pass Plus once theyíve passed the standard driving test and itís available all around the country. Some councils even offer discounts to encourage students to take Pass Plus.

"Unfortunately, about 20% of people have an accident in their first year of driving," says Gerry Bucke of Adrian Flux. "We all want to encourage students to drive more carefully but our discount isnít just generosity Ė it makes good business sense, since those who take Pass Plus are statistically much less likely to make a claim."

Adrian Flux specialises in 'hard to insure' risks, such as hot hatches, modified motors, performance cars. And amongst those 'difficult' risks are young drivers.

"The stats mean that the young are clearly at greater risk of making a claim, and this inevitably translates to a much higher premium than an older person Ė even if itís in one of the lower insurance brackets," adds Gerry Bucke. "And men, statistically, are greater risks than women."

Sample quotes for a student living near Peterborough (PE6), driving a 2000 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 GLS, third party, fire and theft, with a £200 excess, no current no-claims bonus, and before any deduction for advanced driving or Pass Plus are:

For a male, who has held a full licence for one month, the cost will be £900. If he has held it for one year the premium drops to £700, after two years it would be £630. The female equivalent figures are £650, £450 and £400 respectively.

Joining a car club is another way to get a discount on insurance, and Adrian Flux will offer discounts (typically up to 10%) to members of many car clubs. The logic here is that being in a club makes it more likely that an owner will talk with other members about how to maintain and drive the car safely.

Students who modify their cars might try to cut costs by not declaring the modifications to insurers, fearing a higher premium. But a mod that's not declared could well invalidate insurance. This can be doubly stupid, because quite often a modification won't have any effect on the policy - but the insurance company needs to know in advance. If you are unsure, says Flux, declare it.

If a car is parked in a private drive or garage, you can often be entitled to a reduction in premium.

Finally, a simple way of saving more on insurance is to ask for a low-mileage policy. For example, if a student only used the car during term time and agreed not to exceed, say, 5,000 miles a year, Adrian Flux will often agree to shave something off the premium.

"The critical thing in all these money-saving aspects is talk to us in advance," says Gerry Bucke. "Ask us how to cut down on premiums - and phone around for the best deal."

Adrian Flux aims to offer cheaper car insurance and has a huge range of policies for the motoring enthusiast. For details contact the Adrian Flux quote line on 0800 505 3000, email the company at, or see the Flux homepage on

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