3,500 or 300,000? Renaissance Learning boosts literacy and numeracy for all schoolchildren

As yet another well-meaning government initiative for raising standards of literacy and numeracy fails to live up to expectation, other, proven alternatives are available at a small fraction of the cost - such as Renaissance Learning's acclaimed Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Maths programs.

[UKPRwire, Mon Jan 26 2009] Dedicated to raising the standards of literacy and numeracy, Renaissance Learning supports any attempt to accomplish this in UK schools. So although we welcome the fact that some pupils have received one-to-one tuition in English and mathematics, like many others we are disappointed that the figure is so far short of the 300,000 intended.

It has long been known that getting children, particularly those that are disadvantaged, interested in, and understanding, English and mathematics from an early age is vital to developing the life skills required for success in later life, and the offer of one-to-one tuition should inevitably prove effective. However, the task of providing this level and standard of teaching to as many as 300,000 pupils is extremely difficult - but not impossible. Renaissance Learning's acclaimed Accelerated Reader* (AR) and Accelerated Maths (AM) programs, which are currently being successfully used by over 200,000 children in the UK and by 73,000 schools worldwide, offer the same level of support - and results - for an average cost of just 5 per child!

Offering continuous, high-quality assessment, AR focuses not only on comprehension quizzes of the UK's 14,000 most popular children's books, but also on vocabulary practice and higher order thinking skills - and is the subject of an in-depth study soon to be published by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. In this study some pupils increased their reading age by over 3 years in only 6 months of using AR. This remarkable growth is possible at any age for under-achieving readers - not just 6-year olds - at both primary and secondary level.

Producing equally impressive results, AM offers individualised instruction, identifying whether all pupils are working at the correct maths level for their ability, and ensuring they have mastered every topic before moving to the next level - whilst increasing their mental agility. Furthermore, it has also been found to improve pupil motivation and behaviour.

Dirk Foch, Managing Director of Renaissance Learning UK Ltd, comments:

"At Renaissance Learning, we strongly believe that continued daily reading practice, as proven by the PIRLS** Study, is the key to success in raising standards of literacy. Not only is Accelerated Reader highly motivational - applauded by pupils and teachers alike - if offers continual assessment at a sustainable cost. Similarly, our Accelerated Maths program is proving very effective in raising standards of mathematics in both Primary and Secondary school pupils of all abilities."

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For more information please contact Nicki Walker, Tel: 020 7184 4071, email nwalker@renlearn.co.uk, or Gareth Andrews, Tel: 020 7184 4074, email gandrews@renlearn.co.uk, website: www.renlearn.co.uk.

Notes to Editors:

* Currently used in over 2,000 UK schools, Accelerated Reader is an accurate and continuous progress-monitoring system that measures both the quantity and quality of individual book reading.
** Inaugurated in 2001 and conducted every every 5 years, PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Studies) is IEA's (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) assessment of students' reading achievement at fourth grade, implemented in 40 countries worldwide. (www.pirls.org).

About Renaissance Learning UK Limited

Renaissance Learning UK Limited is a subsidiary of Renaissance Learning Inc, a company founded in Wisconsin (USA) in 1986. Renaissance Learning UK Ltd is a leading provider of educational solutions to primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom.

Adopted by more than 73,000 schools, Renaissance Learning's advanced technology makes the practice component of a school's reading, maths and writing curriculum more personalised and effective than ever before. The company's hosted and web-delivered Accelerated Reader Advantage and Accelerated Maths Advantage programs are used successfully by well over 200,000 children in the UK every day to help them improve their results and achieve a life-long love of reading.

Renaissance Learning produces software that provides teachers and pupils with immediate access to information on academic performance. This information technology provides timely and reliable feedback that enhances individualised instruction, creating a better learning environment for more motivated pupils.

Renaissance works closely with the National Literacy Trust and Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, and is supported by best-selling authors for children, such as Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman, Peter J Murray and GP Taylor.

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