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  • BathroomWorld Starts a Diary on LiveJournal


    The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning LiveJournal is an online diary; but BathroomWorld have setup this blog to provide valuable information and news updates to their customers and followers. Coupled with their other social media accounts, this should be extremely beneficial.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 26 2012)
  • Lulu.com launches new ecommerce platform

    Lulu.com has announced the launch of a new ecommerce platform which, along with recent site upgrades, will give authors the best self-publishing experience in the world.

    (Filed: Thu Mar 22 2012)
  • Illyriad's celebration of the game's 2 year anniversary

    Illyriad, the online strategy game, has launched its fifth in-game tournament. The launch of this event coincides with the 2 year anniversary of the game's first launch date in Alpha. During this in-game event, players will bind together with their Alliances in order to capture and hold territory on 37 land squares spread among the expansive world map. At the end of the tournament, March 21, the total time will be tallied and Alliances ranked based on the total amount of time holding the squares. Competition should be fierce as the potential prizes for winning are quite substantial. The Illyriad development team is proud to team up with sponsors Enjin and Typefrag to provide some amazing prizes that will help foster and grow communities within the game.

    (Filed: Thu Feb 23 2012)
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